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A small success story for the UKTI in Ukraine – Water treatment

May 25, 2011

Now it is not often that a genuine British input into Ukraine, rather than a Ukrainian owned UK registered company, gets any mention here.

I suspect those in HM Embassy Kyiv will have ticked numerous boxes in those absolutely pointless time and motion surveys/auditing surveys whilst assisting in pulling off the latest UK interests in Ukraine.  After all, there is a UKTI face within HM Embassy Kyiv, so boxes will have to be ticked!

The British are into Ukrainian water.  Deals have been done and everyone seems happy.  Maybe the British can corner the water treatment market in Ukraine through JV’s with Ukrainian companies?  Literally, we could take the p***!

Partnerships always work best here rather than trying to force your way in uninvited and the precedent is now set.  There looks to be two strong partners in this particular JV.

(If anyone involved in this project is reading this, I still have the complete ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 Health & Safety,  Environmental Policy, Risk Assessment matrix etc,  I so time consumingly crafted for Balfour Beatty relating to a waste water treatment works in Aberdeen not so very long ago, on this very computer, should you want the policies to reach ISO standards that is.)

Still, well done to B&V from the UK, well done to HM Embassy Kyiv and to the UKTI.

Let us hope this deal lasts a long time and will set a high standard that can be cited when the more paranoid, timid, risk averse or simply morose are citing all the reasons not to do business in Ukraine.

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