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It’s goodbye from me…..and it’s goodbye from him – Ukrainian BBC Service

May 5, 2011

Well dear readers, the Ukrainian Service of the BBC was aired for the last time on 29th April bringing to an end the daily service that garnered around 5 million listeners a week since it first went on air on 1st June 1992.

According to Ukrainian Service editor Svitlana Dorosh, information bulletins will be available on BBC Internet sites.

The close is to austerity measures within the BBC and is part of its attempt to cut costs.

I have to admit, I have never listened to it in all the years I have been in Ukraine.  However, I cannot help but think that in times of change in Ukraine, an old and trusted voice from within and outside will be a bigger loss to the UK’s image and influence here than maybe any other single entity.

I doubt very much if the UK Ambassador’s blog, both of my blogs or any other purely British on line ruminations dedicated to Ukraine from Ukraine and for Ukraine will garner 5 million hits each week.  Without doubt there are far more radios in Ukraine than people with Internet access.

5 million listeners is almost 11% of the population of Ukraine.  A very sad day for “UK PLC” to turn reduce the brand reach after almost 20 years.

So dear readers, it would seem to be the ultimate “It’s goodbye from me…..and it’s goodbye from him”

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