About your author

One of life’s underachievers.

BSc educated from the University of Life having studied for numerous years within the Ministry of Defence and yet even more years under the auspices of the Home Office eventually qualifying for life in the private sector.

Post Grad from the University of life was gained through several years of study within a Blue Chip Major Contractor within the construction industry of the UK involving various positions and levels of management relating to blame assignment or praise collection.

Feeling confident in the previous schooling gained from the varied service of The Crown and The Markets, your author then went on to form his own company and embark upon his PhD from the University of Life.

Without trying to belittle my traditional and officially recognised higher education, it is all rather academic now, although being a member of Chatham House is still a matter of personal pride.  (Needless to say anything I write here in no way can be attributed to the views in any way, shape or form to such a prestigious organisation.)

Rather surprisingly it was a success to the point where your author retired at an extremely and rather outrageously young age with sufficient funds to see him through the many (hopefully) years ahead.

Now, having attained the highest possible qualifications from the University of Life, your author has achieved what many can only dream of being – a completely unproductive but non-State reliant member of society.

Such an acclaimed and sought after position allows for a lot of reading and a little writing (occasionally paid) to share my observations with you dear readers.  This blog despite quite awful grammar and terrible spelling on occasion has been oft cited in Ukrainian and other regional national media much to your authors amazement.

As you get to read it and cite it for free, it is written and posted free from editing or reflection.  As dysfunctional as it sometimes reads, that is how it leaves my head.  My ruminations for which I am occasionally paid, you will be pleased to know, are of far higher quality.

I hope what you find here will be of some, even if little, interest.


  1. Hello, I found your blog while doing research for my own. Love your blog. Hope you don’t mind I did a pingback to yours. I connected your blog into one of my Mirror Reflection posts. Come take a look at hague6185.wordpress.com

  2. Any view on this: http://lettersblogatory.com/2013/10/14/case-day-re-application-pinchuk/

    • It’s been a long time coming. A dispute on-going for a number of years. I wrote about it somewhere, I just can’t remember where sometime ago ha ha!

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