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This blog is about Odessa, Ukraine –  Beaches, restaurants, Russian and Ukrainian women, nightclubs, hotels, superstitions, survival, visa’s………pretty much anything and everything to do with Odessa and Ukraine.  It will also attempt to peer into the opaque waters of Ukrainian politics, foreign policy, business and bureaucracy.  As a result it has been featured by Charles Crawford, the Brit Blog Round Up (BBRU), Azerbaijan and Moldovan News, Global Voice and others.  (Not bad for what is only a bit of fun).  The contents are also to be found at Odessatalk.

It is serious, not so serious and plain stupid in places.  It contains useful things to know, not so useful and the benign.  There are some adult topics covered within, as well as some nudity……but this is Odessa and Ukraine as it is!!

Some blogs entires will interest you and others will not……but hopefully it will give you an idea about the place and things to do….or not….when you are here.

Life in Ukraine is very much like the roads.  You can go for what seems an eternity with no problems and then suddenly hit a long stretch of road that leaves your suspension behind as the chassis carries on under its own inertia, leaving you  without any form of control.

If you do not find information you are seeking here then look somewhere else drop me a line and I will do my best to answer you.  There are some subject areas I know more about than others and I do not pretend to be the oracle when it comes to foreign survival in Odessa or Ukraine……however I have survived here for many years and continue to do so.

All the content is original…..except where it isn’t.  By that I mean there are quotes and reference points used as a basis to support my ramblings, or equally to show I know nothing.

It is a desired policy not to advertise so there are no Google Ads and no comments from corporate email addresses will be knowingly published under any entry.

Apart from that, I hope somewhere amongst my daily ruminations, you will find what you seek here.

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