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A meeting of bloggers!

May 18, 2011

Well dear readers, yesterday I met with the author of the Democratist blog.  Very nice and interesting chap who was present here in Ukraine as an OSCE election observer during the Orange Revolution and stayed for the subsequent re-run.

His blog is directed towards the entire CIS and not just Ukraine, however it is easy to navigate to find his thoughts on Ukraine.  His points are delivered with some punch, but in diplomacy and negotiation punch and not understanding or apology is what is necessary in the right circumstances.

Why should blogging be any different?

It was a good few hours spent to be honest.  It was also the second “high brow” English language conversation on politics and policies I have had in the space of a week, the previous one being with Judith Gardiner, HM Embassy last Friday. Two such conversations in a week with fellow countrymen and yet normally I can go many months without such occurrences – Blimey, almost like winning the lottery out here in the provinces!

Anyway, have a look at the Democratist blog which is now added to my blogroll and that of a new website which is under development and which I shall reveal to you dear readers, when it is ready for launch.  It is quite possible that “the Democratist” will occasionally guest blog on the new site (with other guest bloggers) when it’s up and running.

This site shall remain a unique platform for my own exclusive ramblings……sorry!

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