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Something local – Arcadia redevelopment, Odessa

January 5, 2014

Elsewhere in cyberspace some months ago, I noted that the famous/infamous Ibiza nightclub in Arcadia was being demolished – and presumably rebuilt.

Since then, the main thoroughfare has also been completely ripped up and many of the small stores that lined the route demolished too.

What was this


is currently this


Blimey!  Summer tourist/beach life central looks anything but.

However, reconstruction begins immediately after the Orthodox Christmas – presumably to be completed by 1st June when Arcadia is normally officially opened for the summer season.  (Though it has to be said for those of us who live in Acradia, “officially” means very little as it is home.)

It will be interesting to see the end results, as to be quite honest, it was better than OK (if not fantastic) before Arcadia was deemed necessary for a face lift.  I have certainly been to far worse similar developments in Greece and Spain.

One has to hope that the de facto summer city centre will be ready on time simply for the benefit of the local  economy.

Right, back to matters political/policy led tomorrow.  I simply fancied a change today.


Having a day off and going to the beach

August 5, 2012

Today I am having a day off.

I live in a very nice place, 300 meters from the sea in the very popular area of Odessa called Arcadia, and thus far in the usual glorious summer weather I have hardly been to the beach!

Therefore, today, I am going today to enjoy the sun – and the view – so there!


SEO and keywords – A sad relfection on Odessa or the people searching?

April 11, 2011

Well dear readers, amongst the ever growing amount of spam I get that never makes it to the comments section, recently there has been a lot of SEO companies and keyword companies trying to move me up the Google and Yahoo rankings.

As of this blog entry I have allowed only 322 comments since I created the blog……and rejected 5457!

There have also been a few suggestions I move the content to a PPC friendly platform……but I am too technically challenged to know how.

Anyway intrigued,  I thought I would do some investigation into what the biggest hitting search criteria for Odessa is.

So, here we are, in no particular order:

Odessa women, Odessa escorts, Odessa brides, Odessa dating, Odessa nightclubs, Odessa womens pics, Odessa apartments, Odessa, hotels, women in Odessa, Odessa agencies, Odessa marriage agencies, naked women Odessa, sexy Odessa women, Ukrainian women in Odessa, women in Odessa, hot Odessa women, beaches in Odessa.

Starting to see a familiar theme?

Much further down the top SEO and keyword lists are Odessa life, life in Odessa, politics in Odessa, tourism in Odessa, Odessa politics, Odessa restaurants, banking in Odessa, business in Odessa, visas for Odessa,  Odessa night life, Odessa clubs, Odessa universities, jobs in Odessa, employment in Odessa, Consuls in Odessa and other everyday necessities such as bus, train and plane times in Odessa.

So the question is, who is to blame for the search parameter popularity and obvious bias?  Is it Odessa or is it those who still believe that the women of Odessa religiously follow the Domostroy doctrine and will provide foreign men with all of the mythical traditional family values they think exist in modern Ukrainian women?

Sometimes I wonder about some of you people…… I really do!


Useful map of Odessa

August 1, 2010

Here’s a useful link to find just about anything a tourist needs in Odessa.

Zoom in, zoom out, tick boxes and watch all the hotels, or post offices……whatever you pick…….appear.

(Yes, I know, nice place to live).


Nothing Much To Do Today………..

August 19, 2009

Well dear readers……I dont have anything much to do today.  A lot to tell you about soon regarding Odessa……but as any woman will tell you……being premature just doesn’t have the same impact.


So, what to do with myself for the day?

Of course, if I do nothing, I will regret it tomorrow when I do have things to do…….but in all honesty, I am struggling to motivate myself to do anything at all today.

I think I will go read a book for a few hours and then see if I can summon up the interest to do something else.


Eh?……..Of course…….you’re right……..I won’t be doing much else!


A Day Off!!

August 9, 2009

Today I am doing absolutely nothing and taking a day off from life!!

Time to chill out……..

Chill 1

……You see some of us still know how to enjoy nature!!


Miss Russia 2009…….

July 1, 2009

Well dear readers……..I have much to do today………so here is a quick post on Miss Russia 2009, Sophia Rudyeva.

There is no doubt that Sophia is a beautiful 18 year old woman……..and seems deserving of her crown…….although who am I to judge.

Miss Russia 2009

Miss Russia 2009

Her mum will be justifiably proud.  However, her photos taken when she was 15 for an American magazine called “Perfect 10″……..well, they probably won’t please Mum quite as much!!

Miss Russia 2009 1

And you can bet your arse……..Babooshka will not be amused!!!!

Miss Russia 2009 2

Anyway, like I say, I’m busy today……..although, somehow, I don’t think you will miss me!!!


Father’s Day Today – BBQ At The Beach For Me……..Oh Joy!!

June 21, 2009

Well, dear readers… you know it’s Father’s Day today….although technically not in the FSU… technically there is no such thing.  The closest thing would be 23rd February each year which is called Soldiers Day…..and has now become a day for all men in the FSU……as at one point I suppose all will have been conscripted to the military no more than a few decades ago.

Anyway……BBQ for me today my dear readers…..because being a Brit, I get both UK and Slavic holidays celebrated……which does of course mean 2 Christmas’s as well.

No……before you start thinking that’s bloody fantastic……it also means the Mother-In-Law twice!!


I know you will be thinking of me today!

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