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Press freedom in Odessa

May 7, 2011

Well dear readers, much is said about the freedom of the press in Ukraine.  I have to say I have not noticed any major changes at all across the numerous TV programs, newspapers, websites or radio stations I have always been partial to since arriving here many years ago.

Then again, I am not one of the select few intellectuals or NGOs asked to complete surveys for people at Freedom House to colour the view of the world through such reports based on the opinions of a few thousand people in Ukraine.

Anyway, according to the current President in a statement on 3rd May, someone held responsible for the “backward slide” in press freedom, “Ukraine cannot be independent without independent press.”

Undoubtedly what he says is true, an independent press is a basic requirement of a free nation.  Actions of course speak louder than words.  Unfortunately you never know what words actually reach him and which are kept from him.

I wonder if this will even reach him?  You would hope so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he never gets to know about it. – After all we have all done things in our careers that we stopped the boss finding out about didn’t we?

Sometimes you do wonder if he is insulated by what is going on around him.  To manage the news domestically, as his is accused of doing, and then do something like this, would seem to be inviting an international Christmas when you are the only turkey.

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