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What stories could you tell if you lived to 100?

September 30, 2010

Well dear readers, I did have a blog post for today relating to the usual political occurances in Ukraine…….as I promised, back on the Ukrainian track today……..but I am not posting it today.

Yesterday I met an Ukrainian centurian (plus a few years) who told me tails of seeing Tsar Nicholas when a child (prior to his being shot by the Communists of course), tales about the war, life under communism and life since independence.

I wonder just how many people alive today can claim to have lived under Tsarist autocratic rule, Stalinism, communist rule and democratic rule, seen a civil war/revolution, a world war, cold war, 3 different domestic currencies etc, all whilst living in the same city?

I have to say, the guy looked fit as a flea as well – I wish he had kept diaries throughout this time, what an amazing read that could have been.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?


President or Monarchy?

September 29, 2010

Well dear readers, almost back with it, unpacked, washing machine on overdrive and suits with unwanted creases hanging in the hope they will drop out…….hmmmm.

Before I dive back into Ukraine and the wonderful tapestry of the said life, of all the conversations I had back in Blighty, one has stuck with me that, paraphrased, I will share with you.

It was a conversation on the subject of whether the UK should consider the removal of the monarch as head of state and replace the monarch with a president.

There is no requirement to delve into all aspects of the discussion held (relating to privilage, birth right, costs, income via tourism and “figureheading”) as so often discussed in such conversations.

This conversation has led to my slightly in favour or retaining the monarchy stance to me firmly nailing my colours to the monarchy mast.  (Yes I know I have historically worked for The Crown and am therefore possibly biased but that alone does not make you in favour of the monarchy).

What made me nail my colours so firmly to the mast?  Something I said aloud during the discussion which seemed to strike a serious chord with those of the opposite view.

“So instead of the monarchy”, I said, “You would prefer President Margaret Thatcher?  Presdient Tony Blair or President Gordon Brown?”


Suffice to say, my colours are firmly nailed to the monarchy mast when it comes to head of state.

Tomorrow I shall return to things Ukrainian………I promise!


Back……but back at it tomorrow

September 28, 2010

Well dear readers, after a short break in Riga and then the UK, I’m back!

Actually, I am back as of 3am this morning after two weekes of business and pleasure…….including the solstice at Stonehenge (due to pressure from she that must be obeyed).

Anyway, it seems that whilst I was away, a horrible tax code (in places) has been up for discussion after amendments…… have a read:;jsessionid=CEC0621EA8B9B3BC76497EC8FC1DE3C4

I have to admit to not having got into it too heavily yet as I am too tired to give it the attention it deserves, but it does seem to be forcing the private entrepreneur down the LLC route form the very brief (and tired) glance I have given it thus far.

Suffice to say, hopefully normal service will be restored tomorrow!


Taking a break for a few weeks…..from the blog I mean

September 13, 2010

Well dear readers, due to an exceptionally busy 2 or 3 weeks, it is unlikely there will be many, if any, posts during that time.

Do feel free to check back again towards the end of the month.

In my virtual absense do feel free to click through the blog-roll on the right and have a read.


Health Ministry Decides To Introduce Annual Medical Examinations For Population In 2011

September 12, 2010
The Health Ministry has decided to introduce mandatory annual medical examinations for the population in 2011.

The press service of the Health Ministry announced this to Ukrainian News.

A directive that the Health Ministry approved on August 27 provides for introduction of a personalized register of the entire population of the country, after which the population will be divided into various groups: children aged one and two; preschool children aged 3-7 attending organized preschool institutions and children not attending preschool institutions; schoolchildren aged under 15; teenagers aged 15-17; adults.

Annual medical examinations will include the following: measuring of heights, weight, arterial pressure, vision, hearing; x-ray examination of chest organs; performance of mammography and electrocardiograms; analysis of blood and urine; pneumo-tachometry, ultrasound examination of men’s prostates, rectal examinations (from the age of 30), and other examinations.

According to the press service of the Health Ministry, this directive was sent to the Justice Ministry in early September, and it will come into effect only after its registration.

Introduction of mandatory annual medical is expected to facilitate prevention of many illnesses, including detection of dangerous illnesses such as oncological illnesses in the early stages.

Mandatory annual medical examinations are being introduced as part of the government program for development of primary medical care on the basis of family medicine by the year 2011.

The Health Ministry stressed that nobody would be forced to undergo medical examinations, but it added that it expected citizens themselves to be interested in undergoing medical examinations and to find time to undergo them.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the parliament approved the state program for development of primary medical care based on family medicine in the period of 2010-2011 in January 2010.

The Health Ministry is also initiating development of an information system for medical examinations of the population.

The information system for medical examination of the population will include individual medical cards and a register of medical examinations or electronic medical passports.


Reading between the lines…..

September 11, 2010

Well dear readers, what do you make of this……

Given the accusations made and examples of contravention of the US-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership claimed in a fairly direct manner by one party at the meeting, how do you interperate the American reply?

Do you interperate it as the US side stating we see no contradiction as you describe but will of course monitor it, or do you interperate the answer as, yes we see the contradition but we do not want to ruffle feathers unnecessarily with those you accuse as we recognise they will be in charge for years to come?

I am sure some readers will interperate it one way and others another.

Without knowing what representations the US Ambassador has made to Ukraine behind closed doors (if any) during his regular contact with Ukrainian officials, we are left to guess how seriously (if at all) they take the accusations compared tothe reality of what is happening out of the public domain.

The craft of diplomacy and public speaking eh?


Happy New Year to the Jewish Ukrainians

September 10, 2010

A belated Happy New Year to any Jewish Ukrainians who read this blog.

I understand about 50,000 of you went to Uman yesterday, simultaneously marking the 200th anniversary of Rabbi Nachman’s (of Bratslav) death at the same time.

I trust all went well and your New Year began as you wanted it to.


The Financial Times on Ukrainian Taxes

September 9, 2010

Actually a bit light-weight for the FT……but it addresses the issues nonetheless.

Time will tell, but it will be a major coup to actually not only deliver it but inforce it.

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