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Yatseniuk not interested in any post other than President………

November 30, 2009

Presidential candidate Arsenii Yatseniuk is not interested in the posts of prime minister, governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, and speaker of the parliament.
Yatseniuk announced this at a press conference on Saturday.

“I am not interested in the post of prime minister, I am not interested in the post of minister of foreign affairs, governor of the National Bank, speaker of the parliament. That is not why I am going to contest the elections, that is not why this political party was created. I do not intend to support anyone,” Yatseniuk said.

He ruled out the possibility of accepting the post of prime minister if the post is offered to him after the presidential elections because this would go against the will of voters.

“I do not intend to use votes as a bargaining material because if people vote for me and I go to this political bazaar to exchange it for the post of prime minister, then it means I am a political traitor and a small-time trader who takes other people’s votes and exchanges them for a post. That will not happen,” Yatseniuk said.

He stressed again that he would dissolve the parliament after the presidential elections if he won the elections.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Front for Change (Front Zmin) political party elected Yatseniuk to replace Andrii Ivanchuk as its leader at the party’s congress on Saturday.

Yatseniuk is also the leader of the Front for Change civil initiative.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is also a candidate in the 2010 presidential elections, has said that incumbent President Viktor Yuschenko is technically contesting the 2010 presidential elections on behalf of Yatseniuk.

The presidential elections are scheduled for January 17, 2010. – Ukrainian News.

Ok Mr Yatseniuk, very fine speach…….however you have somewhere between 6% and 9% of the vote…… nowhere near enough to make it to the final run off.  You are still a “small time trader” in Ukrainian politics.

You are going to turn down the posts of Prime Minister, Governor of the NBU, Foreign Office, Speaker etc etc etc………with no chance of winning and publicly saying you will not take another top job, what exactly are you offering your voting base?

They will vote for you and you will not accept a position of power in which you can influence the country on their behalf?

This is a way to thank them for their belief and support?

When you are defeated in the first round, you will not offer an opinion to those who voted for you as to who you think is better able to lead Ukraine from the most popular of the remaining 2 candidates? 

This is the leadership that you want them to follow?  If I am not President, I don’t want anything else and I don’t care who you vote for from the remaining 2 candidates in the final round?

Why would I vote for someone who will take their bat and ball home if they do not win the raffle and leave me wondering who is the lesser of 2 evils in the final round?

It is not the attitude of someone fit to be President if you will not lead the 6% – 9% of the country which supports you, towards what you consider the better of the remaining candidates…….after all they believe in YOU.


Unpopular because he sticks to his principles……….

November 29, 2009

“President Viktor Yushchenko, who is a candidate in the 2010 presidential elections, has said that his popularity ratings are currently low compared with his popularity ratings at the beginning of his presidency because of his adherence to his principles.

Yuschenko was speaking during the “Big Politics” program on the Inter television channel on November 27.

Yuschenko said that he was not one of those politicians that betrayed their convictions because they cared about their popularity ratings.

In particular, he said that he has remained loyal to his conviction that it is necessary for Ukraine to participate in the European collective security system, in the country’s language policy, his commitment to creation of a single local church, and issues of history throughout his presidency.

Yuschenko also said that the proportion of Ukrainians that support accession of the country to NATO has increased from 14% to 33% during his presidency.

Yuschenko said he believed that that the country would be thrown back if he was not reelected as president and if his policies were not continued.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, 35.6% of the respondents in a poll that the Research & Branding Group conducted from November 17 to 25 said they would vote for the Party of the Regions’ leader Viktor Yanukovych, 17.9% said they would vote for Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and 3.9% said they would vote for Yuschenko if presidential elections were held during that period.”


Authors note to Yush:  As leader of a “democratic” nation, you are supposed to represent the people and the country……..not your own principles.  It seems that if you do not represent them and carry out their wishes as a “democracy” would suggest, they will not keep you in power at the next elections. 

Could this be why you are as popular as a fart in a spacesuit?


Cyrillic Ukrainian Domain Names Go Live In 2010……

November 28, 2009

The Ukrainian Network Information Center (UNIC) has submitted an application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to register the .ukr domain in Cyrillic, UNIC Director Yuriy Honcharuk said at a press conference in Kyiv on Nov. 26.

According to Honcharuk, the full parcel of required documents has been submitted to the ICANN.

Honcharuk said that there are no technical issues preventing the registration of this Cyrillic domain.

“Taking into account all this, we can expect the new .ukr domain to start operating on the Internet in February-March 2010,” he said.

As reported, a number of the market participants earlier said they doubted the regional Cyrillic domain .ukr was likely to be registered by the ICANN.

According to Internet Invest Ltd. President Oleksandr Olshansky, the main reason for this is the peculiarities of the rules for non-Latinic domains recently approved by the company, under which at least one letter should differ in the shape from the a Latin one. – Interfax – Ukraine.

Hmmmmm, well dear readers, time for me to think about a few domain names in cyrillic I want to buy which could turn out to be popular.

Well, I do own such domains as…….which as yet I have done nothing with…….but I am sure there will be some serious and funny domain names worth a few $ up for grabs when this starts.


And quite bizarrely………..

November 27, 2009

Well dear readers…….in amongst the most topical political debates……..yesterday I have a message from a lady in the audience asking me about famous Ukrainian clothes designers.

Obviously, what the public wants, the public gets………yeh, clearly I am not a Ukrainian politician!

Aina Gasse Atelier

13 Druzhby Narodiv, office No. 77,


Roksolana Bogutska Studio

21 Velyka Zhytomyrska, office No.13,


Oksana Karavanska Studio

10 Lyuteranska, office No. 27,


Lilia Poustovit

15 Khreschatyk, Passage,

Atelier 1, 10 Bulv. Shevchenka

Anna Bublik Studio

33 Lyuteranska,


Anna Bublik Boutique

19 Gorkoho,


Victoria Gres by Gres

72 Chervoniarmiyska, Shopping mall Olimpiyskiy, Respublikanskiy Stadium metro

11A Prospekt Moskovsky, 2nd floor,

Alta Center mall, Fashion Lab

1-3/2 Chervonoarmiyska, Shopping mall Arena City

Andre Tan Studio

22 Lva Tolstoho, office No. 53,


Alexandr Gapchuk Studio

72 Gorkoho, office No. 100,


Alexandr Gapchuk Boutique

11À Prospect Moskovsky, 2nd floor,

Alta Center mall, Fashion Lab

Nota Bene & Karavay Studio

38A Antonovycha, Ploscha Lva Tolstoho metro,


Olexiy Zalevskiy

11À Prospekt Moskovsky, 2nd floor,

Alta Center mall, Modny Kvartal.

Go shop your socks of girly………make him regret that joint bank account this Christmas!!!


In Ukraine’s elections………Everyone’s going to be a winner……it seems!

November 26, 2009

Regions Party Leader Viktor Yanukovych, who is running for Ukraine’s president, has said that many politicians, including another two presidential candidates – banker Sergiy Tigipko and Front for Change initiative leader Arseniy Yatseniuk – will find their niche in public service.

“I believe that after the presidential elections Tigipko and Yatseniuk and many other politicians will take decent jobs in the civil service. There will be enough work for everybody,” he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday.

Yanukovych said that he respects all Ukrainian politicians. “I have never offended anyone. This is my principle,” he said.


Can’t beat “jobs for the boys” now can you!!


Ukraine to adopt insurance based health care

November 25, 2009

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wants to start introducing a public healthcare system based on health insurance in the spring of 2010.

“There is a need to reform the whole system of healthcare, and starting from spring next year, I believe, we will begin the fundamental reform of this system, basing it on medical insurance,” Tymoshenko said at a meeting with the representatives of the World Health Organization in Kyiv on Nov. 24.  Interfax-Ukraine


Ahhhhh…… many questions as to how this will work dear readers………and no explainations given of course!


And following on from yesterday……….

November 24, 2009

Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko, who is running for a second term in office, has said that his aim is to gain European Union membership for Ukraine.

“Ukrainian citizens will appreciate the benefits of the European direction. Ukrainians will be able to travel to EU member-states without visas, and their rights will be protected abroad,” according to Yushchenko’s election platform dubbed “A Free, Fair and Strong Ukraine” which has been published on the Central Election Commission’s Web site.

The program has no clause about Ukraine’s membership of NATO. It states, however, that together with its European neighbors, Ukraine will strengthen the Euro-Atlantic system of collective security.

The incumbent president also promised that Ukraine will comply with all its obligations and will be striving for reciprocity from its partners.

“The Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation will be withdrawn from the country by 2017 according to the Constitution of Ukraine and the relevant accords,” the document reads.

Yushchenko also said he intends to hold an active dialog with all of Ukraine’s neighbors based on the principles of equal rights, good neighborly relations and mutual trust.  Interfax-Ukraine


Well dear readers…….I know, blimey……..a lot there to think about eh?

I know, after such a successful first 5 years then wouldn’t be much left to do other than make promises about Visa free travel…….which is not his decision but one for the EU………the continued threat to kick out the Russian Black Sea Fleet…….which occurs at least 2 elections away………and honouring a few agreements Ukraine is already in.

I must be living in Utopia as all the above has nothing to do with any of the multitude of massive internal problems in Ukraine……so may be there aren’t any?





Tomorrow there may be something worth writing about…….

November 23, 2009

President Victor Yushchenko will present his president candidate’s election programme called “Free, Just and Strong Ukraine!” on Monday, November 23, reads an announcement posted at his campaigning website.

The event will take place in the Ukrainian House at 6pm, it will be broadcasted by First National TV channel.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Yuschenko initially planned to announce provisions of his election program on St. Sofia’s square in Kyiv on November 1 but cancelled his appearance because of mass actions ban for the epidemic of the А(H1N1) influenza.

Well dear readers, tomorrow there may be something worth writing about………it is the first full program I will have to pull apart and ridicule………

………ah don’t worry………they will ALL get the same treatment!


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