Yatseniuk predicts Tymoshenko release today

October 18, 2011

Well, Arseniy Yatseniuk whilst in Brussels has predicted the release of Ms Tymoshenko on 18th September, which is today.

Obviously no appeals process has even come close to beginning in a meaningful way, so in order for Mr Yatseniuk to be right, the law under which Ms Tymoshenko was jailed will have to be decriminalised today in the RADA, thus prompting her immediate release.

Of course he is much more likely to know what is on the RADA legislative agenda than I do, and one hopes is also more in-tune with the sentiment of his RADA colleagues when it comes to the likely outcome of any vote to change the law, so we will see.

Whilst her release before Christmas is probable as I posted on the day she was sentenced, despite the 7 year term given,  and it would make the President’s visit to Brussels later this week much less difficult, at least on the surface, if she were released now.  That would assume the visit goes ahead.  Behind the public facade nothing much will have changed in sentiment from either side, one wonders if it will come today or simply any day prior to the initialing of the DCFTA and AA not much further down the time-line.

Decriminalising the law before his visit does not make the President look that much better in the eyes of the EU anymore than it makes Ms Tymoshenko anymore angelic in their eyes.

I hope Mr Yatseniuk is right although I would not take it for granted that today will be the day.  Personally, I very much doubt it.


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