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Ease of doing business in Ukraine – Latest WB report

October 24, 2011

Well, the latest World Bank “Ease of doing business” report is out and Ukraine dropped 3 places.  Whether that is because Ukraine got worse or others got better faster and simply overtook Ukraine is not really clear from a brief look although I am sure amongst you dear readers will sit numerous statisticians and economists who have nothing better to do than work that out.

More interestingly, half way down the page in the above link are numerous block boxes upon which you are free to click and subsequently are presented with a breakdown of the + and – of any particular category relating to Ukraine’s rankings.

Quite obviously, looking at the summary sheet you are taken to immediately in the link I provide, if Ukraine can sort out the tax situation it will dramatically climb in the global rankings.  We will see where Ukraine sits next year when the new Tax Code has come into effect in a few months time.

I’ve not heard anything further about the sovereign nation Ukraine was negotiating with relating to civil service realignment and tax collection assistance overhaul since May.  If a deal has been made, I am yet to hear about it from reliable sources and I am not about to repeat rumour from unreliable ones.

Regardless, the Von Bismark-esque style of governance Ukraine seemingly now runs under (OK not exactly in the style of  Otto Von Bismark but there are several prima facie parallels) has yet to make any radical improvements within the parameters of the WB score sheet.

Let’s see where we are next year.

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