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Well done HMRC

October 13, 2011

Well dear readers, you will remember not so long ago I told you about an old friend called HMRC getting in touch after years and years of silence?

Well since then the fines have had another hundred quid slapped on to my add to my ire.

Needless to say, robust but extremely polite correspondence (in accordance with the HMRC Charter) has spewed from my printer and made its way to the UK via Ukrainian registered post, DHL and TNT to insure receipt.

Overkill undoubtedly to send via so many routes but necessary for my peace of mind.

The expected duel was surprisingly brief, consisting of only five rounds of exchanged correspondence.  However, as stated in the above link, I have been war-forged in the bureaucracy of Russia and latterly Ukraine for the past decade and thus do not give up or concede, particularly when I feel there is a matter of principle at stake.

Yesterday morning I received the white flag of surrender from HMRC in the form of a letter stating they have amended my records and I now owe my fellow countrymen and the government exactly nothing.

Would it have been easier to simply pay what is rather a paltry sum?  Probably.  It would have saved having to search for hours for ancient documents that I had kept “just in case” when I emigrated from dear old Blighty.

Do I enjoy taking on the establishment?   It gives me no form of perverse pleasure if I am honest but there are times when you have to fight the fight you believe to be right.  In this case I knew I was right, both legally, technically and morally.

So, well done HMRC for having the good grace and common sense not to prolong the dueling by international post in a forlorn attempt to win by attrition.  Both Russia and Ukraine have made me bureaucracy-proof and incredibly patient when it comes to all matters State related.

(Not all good news, the same day I get an email from the eldest daughter urgently requesting money for her tuition fees amounting to several thousand

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