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European Energy Security and Ukraine

October 5, 2011

A few days ago I mentioned the EU Supergrid opportunities for Ukraine.  A project that I would hope Ukraine gets involved in as much as possible, not only as a transit route but also as a producer and exporter in its owns right.

Anyway, if you click on “Maps” and then on “Map 6” from this fairly informative EU website, you will see a pink and also a yellow ellipse which include Ukraine.

It will come as no surprise to most that the pink ellipse indicating oil and gas including Ukraine also covers the majority of former Soviet and Warsaw Pact nations.  The old GTS system in effect.

It is also well documented that Ukraine exports electricity to Poland, so the yellow ellipse creatively named “Central and South-Eastern Electricity Connections” has no surprises relating to inclusion of those two nations…..but the amount of nations and the sheer size of that ellipse (not to mention demand for electricity within) perfectly displays the opportunity presenting itself to Ukraine.

Now as long as the boffins and engineers produce an energy grid where energy can flow in both directions, thus meaning any part of the grid can bail out another in times of calamity or disaster, this particular EU project has some merit.

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