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European On-line Jobs Day – 9 November

October 20, 2011

A very brief post today to draw to the attention of my local readers the European On-line Jobs Day occurring on 9th November.

All interactive, real time, technically wonderful stuff, giving advise on how to get employment in the EU.  Chat with advisors or just watch the sessions live.

For some of you, it will possibly be a worthwhile event, so click on the link and register.

(Errrm – Yes the crystal ball is still working well.  Ukraine signed a FTA with the CIS nations as predicted two days ago.  Next prediction will be the Black Sea Economic Area forum will take on a more, robust and influential guise.  Why?  From 11 members, there are only 3 EU members in that club and 8 that aren’t. – Regional power-play waiting to happen for those rather miffed with the EU at present.)

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