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Venice Commission, Tymoshenko trial and Odessa Cognac

October 11, 2011

I learned a very long time ago to say little and write even less when the tongue and fingers have been ably freed from their usual circumspection and diplomatic regard by alcohol.

Hence, thanks to one regular reader and his friends at the Odessa Cognac factory, today will be an exceptionally short post having succumbed to his hospitality and rather too much Odessa Cognac promptly delivered in large multi-liter water bottles.  In fact quantities you could literally bath in.

So I shall leave you to ponder this link and the pending Venice Commission recommendations relating to new Ukrainian electoral laws whilst I pander to a very slow recovery process.

Indeed you will note that the creators of the link would appear to have also been drinking rather too much given the standard of English.  The message though is clear, in effect if the government like what the Venice Commission says it will implement changes within, if not they are only recommendations.

The fact it has been highlighted preemptively that whatever the Venice Commission has to say is only recommendations,  would indicated that via private channels, the Government of Ukraine already knows there will be things it won’t like being stated publicly in the publication from the Venice Commission or it will also push ahead with electoral law changes within the 12 months prior to an election deemed not such a good idea by the VC.

Nevertheless, the Venice Commission report will be interesting to see when published.

If that isn’t exciting enough for you, then you can always pace the room awaiting the verdict of Ms Tymoshenko’s trial to

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