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New UK Ambassador to Ukraine

October 15, 2011

Nothing like British Civil Service efficiency.  No really, its true.  When it is running efficiently it is a wonder to behold.  When there is a spanner in the works and it does not work well, it is undeniably irksome to the point where contemplating physical violence simply does not seem an adequate response.

It seems that at least in personnel, it is running rather smoothly, at least amongst those responsible for the latter end of the alphabet.

So efficient are those running the letters S and T that the new Ambassador to Ukraine has been identified as Simon Smith, unveiled 12 months before taking post whilst simultaneously announcing Mr Turner moving on to another diplomatic post.

Eat your heart out my American expatriate cousins who sat in Ukraine Ambassador-less for 6 months.  Marvel at British FCO Civil Service efficiency.  Mr Smith has 12 months of bedtime reading in preparation before arrival and should hopefully hit the ground running unlike your Mr Tefft who was dropped behind enemy lines at a moments notice and into a role that had been vacant for half a year.

As Mr Smith is likely to arrive and immediately experience a parliamentary election process that will be extremely well scrutinised by the international community and thus a possible first official task being a formal demarche from the UK in protest, or alternatively offer a formal slap on the back for transparent and honest elections, it may well be something of a baptism of fire.

Anyway, my sources back in Blighty who wander the corridors of power, have deemed Mr Smith a “solid citizen”, which is all we can really hope for out here.

Now to deal with tomorrow’s post which is refusing to format – Grrr!

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