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IMF relations seem back on track for Ukraine

April 29, 2010

Interfax-Ukraine The parameters of the Ukrainian national budget for 2010, which were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on April 27, were agreed with the International Monetary Fund, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Iryna Akimova told journalists in Kyiv on Tuesday.

“Last week we actively discussed the main components of the budget, as the budget’s adoption with the standards set by the International Monetary Fund was one of the major requirements [for further IMF funding]. The majority of the standards were taken into consideration, in particular, the macroeconomic indicators the budget is based on. They were discussed and agreed with the International Monetary Fund,” Akimova said.

Just so you know dear readers, amongst a sea of useless politicians in this nation, Irena Akimova is actually a quality politician, internationally educated in economics and is an exceptionally capable woman.  She is definitely the sharpest tool in the Ukrainian political toolbox from any party.

If she stood for President, I would vote for her over and above any other politician in this country.



Eggs and Smoke Bombs……Getting ready for Round 2!

April 29, 2010

Well dear readers, after yesterday’s national embarrassment in the RADA orchestrated by the opposition, expect a few more similar episodes over the coming months as particularly difficult issues are dealt with……..despite President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Mevlut Cavusoglu condemning “barbaric actions” by opposition lawmakers at a session of the Ukrainian parliament on April 27. 

Errrr, yes, that would be the opposition that claims to be the “democratic forces” in Ukraine.

No less a devisive issue amongst those which must be tackled, is that of the question of langauge.

Now there is no plans to make Russian the official second language of Ukraine (despite what the western press like to relay), but there is plans to adopt laws underlining the agreements that Ukraine entered when signing and then ratifying the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages a few years ago……and under a different administration.

To most this will seem like a backdoor way of granting Russian the semi-official State language status……and it will in a way, simply due to the number of Ukrainians who prefer to speak Russian than Ukrainian.  You can absolutely guarantee the opposition will say as much…….but Russian is not the only minority language used in Ukraine even if it is more popular than Ukrainian.

The EU has an interest in seeing these domestic laws adopted also, not only to see a domestic over politicised issue carried through with regards to the ratified Charter Ukraine signed up to years ago…….but because amongst the ethnic minority languages used in Ukraine are 3 relating to EU nations……Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.  It would be fair to say Romania is taking more than a “keen interest” in this issue.

Quite how the opposition will justify any opposition to such domestic laws underpinning the international laws Ukraine has signed up to I do not know…….as the opposition not only lay claim to being the “democratic forces” in Ukraine……as witnessed by their democratic actions yesterday in the RADA……but also claim the label of being a pro-EU force as well.

It is difficult to see how they can fight this issue over Russian without appearing anti-democtratic, also anti-EU ethnic minorities and anti EU law.

If the answer is they cannot “spin their way out of it”……then they will no doubt result to egg throwing, fisty-cuffs and smoke bombs to disrupt the inevitable passing of these new laws.

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