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Delusions of grandure……well power and influence to be more accurate!

April 21, 2010

As many a dear reader will know, in Ukraine there are circles of power and then there are circles of power!

No biggy for most as these circles of power are easily identified after you have been here for a while.

The problem comes when some in the less powerful circles think they have more power than they have……..

Interfax-Ukraine The prosecutor’s office of Odesa region hasn’t confirmed the information that a criminal case against ex-mayor Ruslan Bodelan was closed.

“I have no such information. On the contrary, [Odesa region’s Prosecutor] Vasyl Stepanovych [Prysiazhniuk] has told media recently that the case hasn’t been closed,” the press secretary of regional prosecution Olena Abramova told Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

Earlier, some media reported with reference to a source in the prosecutor’s office that a criminal case against Bodelan was closed.

Bodelan was mayor of Odesa in 1998-2005. In 2005, following the Orange Revolution, he was charged with abuse of office and put on the international wanted list. In 2006, Bodelan received Russian citizenship.

I have to say, our current Mayor is a marked improvement over the last one, but as he stands down in September this year, I’m not sure if it will be a case of better the devil you know……..or not.  Time will tell.


Interfax-Ukraine Simferopol, April 19 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The investigation department of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s main office in Crimea is investigating a criminal case opened into the death of a Simferopol District Council deputy, Volodymyr Papunov.

The media liaisons office of the Crimean main police department told Interfax-Ukraine that a burnt out Toyota Prado car was found three kilometres from the village of Krasne in Simferopol district on April 17. The car belonged to the Nyva-Agro farming enterprise, which is located in the village of Hvardiyske in the same district. The charred remains of a man identified as Papunov, born in 1952, were found near the car.

The investigation department has opened a criminal case and is conducting an investigation.

Papunov was elected a deputy of Simferopol District Council on the party ticket of the For Yanukovych Bloc. He also served as deputy chairman of the Simferopol branch of the Regions Party, and headed the Nyva-Agro enterprise.


As I said, losing a sense of reality and the power and influence minor politico’s have……..can be a dangerous thing.

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