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Baroness Ashton, Ms Tymoshenko and press releases

April 27, 2012

Oh dear.  No wonder the European External Action Service (EEAS) is in such a muddle.

Baroness Ashton on 26th April, releases this statement which claims she is preoccupied with the affairs in Ukraine over Yulia Tymoshenko, currently on hunger strike.  That is rather sad considering her responsibilities, the absolute mess her department is in and the myriad of issues it should be dealing with.

What is probably more sad, is that the day before, 25th April, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said Ukraine had  filed an official request for a group of doctors from the Charite clinic in Berlin to come to Ukraine to examine and treat jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Is it sheer incompetents that Baroness Ashton is not up to speed?  Are the German’s deliberately trying to make her look  out of touch?  If she is so preoccupied with Ms Tymoshenko as her statement claims, surely she would know what statements the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs make over the Tymoshenko issue the day before her own?

This will be the third time German doctors from the Charite Clinic in Berlin have been invited to come and see Ms Tymoshenko. It’s not as though the law can be changed to allow prisoners (in this case Ms Tymoshenko) outside the territory of Ukraine for treatment.  Why?  Because her party are blocking the RADA and preventing it functioning.

To be fair, even if her party were allowing the RADA to function, I doubt the law would be changed to allow prisoners to be treated outside the territory of Ukraine as Ms Tymoshenko isn’t the only prisoner and what is good for her under any changes to the law, would be good for all the others incarcerated as well.  To go down that road would lead to a lot of unintended consequences undoubtedly.

Anyway, to be honest, the point of this post is not the laws of Ukraine, nor the issues surrounding Ms Tymoshenko specifically, but the fact Baroness Ashton, according to her press statement, is preoccupied with a single issue when she is employed to deal with a vast number of issues globally as the head of the EU’s foreign policy.

Should she not be preoccupied with Syria maybe?  Bahrain?  Egypt?  Possibly Turkey or Iran?  China or Belarus? Apparently not.  Ms Tymoshenko is the biggest preoccupation of the woman selected to control and head the EU’s foreign policy?

Quite simply, she should have no time for preoccupation on a single issue and shouldn’t hold such a position if she allows herself to be preoccupied with a single issue.

Badly worded press release or is Baroness Ashton simply the wrong person to do that role in the EU (and EEAS)?

Many in the EU I suspect will say the answer to that question is both!

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