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RIP Kateryna Handziuk

November 4, 2018

The blog is not noted for its obituaries, nor for its eulogies.

2018 has seen the passing of far too many brave Ukrainian souls in the east and witnessed the passing of numerous cultural and intellectual giants pass.

Few if any such worthy individuals have had words specifically written about them here, nor about the manner of their passing – be they violent, or of natural causes.

Indeed when many readers actually consider the death that we must all eventually face, it is not death itself that we are fearful of – but the manner in which it will occur.

Just how much suffering and pain will we endure and over what period of time?

That is what we are truly fearful of when it comes to our death.

Most would naturally opt for a swift and painless death, preferably in our sleep at a suitably old age having created a catalogue of memories which we will bequeath to those we leave behind in the hope that we will be remembered – even if infrequently.

Some however, whether by our own hand and carelessness, or by the recklessness or villainous intent of others will face not only untimely but also vicious and exceptionally painful deaths.  Of the latter there are some that stand out for their cruelty and barbarity.

4th November 2018 witnesses the sad passing of Kateryna Handziuk, a Ukrainian activist of some societal standing,, from a vile and cowardly acid attack on 31st July.

Clearly there was consideration given to the method and weapon for the attack.  Acid leaving the 30% burns sustained by Kateryna would severely disfigure a woman’s features if she had survived.  The recovery period guaranteed to be very slow and extremely painful.

It was nothing short of a brutal and consciously evil attack – that is now murder.  A murder that is in fact nowhere near being solved.  A truly lamentable state of affairs considering not only the criminal act, nor the unconscionable suffering, but when considering the message the modus operandi was meant to send to others like Kateryna – for as preciously stated, it is not death but the manner in which we will die that causes fear.

A lady and a crime that together required a few lines that are generally left out of scope by the blog.

May the good Lord grant her justice and tend her well-meaning soul.

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