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A view to a kill – Chernomorsk

June 10, 2018

Well, OK, this is not exactly a view to a kill, but certainly a view to something rather odd involving firearms and some odd behaviour from almost everybody featured in the “attempted kill”?

This rather modest little home and the two rather average modes of transport belong to Chernomorsk City Council, People’s Deputy Sergei Chervachev.

Obviously business (the Bastion Group of companies) and politics (if they are indeed separable) for Mr Chervachev would appear to have been most rewarding.

However, as is always the case when business and politics meet, enemies will be made and the some of the electorate irked.  It would appear, or a reader is meant to believe, that Mr Chervachev has accomplished that feat – as this CCTV footage from his security system mounted upon his modest little home from the night of 4th/5th June 2018 portrays.

A reader, having watched it, may ponder upon the events however.

A few questions may be raised over why, having driven into his modest little home, the electric automatic gates were not closed once he had driven in.

They were left open for quite some time (approximately 30 seconds) before the “would-be assassin” walked into the courtyard.  Further Mr Chervachev appears to remain sat in his car for quite some time too – for no apparent reason.

How very fortunate for the “assassin” that the automatic gate was left open and that Mr Chervachev remained sat in his vehicle long enough for the commissioning of the crime, rather than close the gate and go indoors as most people tend to do without dawdling.

Fortune however seems to go both ways.

Instead of walking in and shooting Mr Chervachev in the head, or at the torso, the “assassin” shot Mr Chervachev in the leg – despite he being sat in the car and at the mercy of any aimed shots from an “assassin”.

That the “assassin” also used a traumatic firearm to shoot at Mr Chervachev several (five) times through his open car window would suggest that the “assassin” would have to be in rather optimistic mood that death or serious injury would be the outcome from rubber bullets.

A reader may also wonder at the shutting of the stable door after the horse had bolted, or rather closing the automatic gates after the “assassin” had departed.

This followed by the immediate arrival of two (presumably family members) fully dressed at the time of night, (near midnight on 4th/5th June).  Perhaps with CCTV and automatic electric gates, unlike almost every Ukrainian known to this blog (literally thousands) the Chervachev family are the exception who do not lock their front door even when home.  Clearly there was no time for searching for keys or to put clothes on when they appear immediately after the shooting.

It all looks rather odd – even if the incident proves to be entirely genuine, and not staged (for whatever reason), as some readers may conclude.

Either way, the usual question is to be asked and answered.  Was this a result of political or business activity (if they can be definitively separated)?

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