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Trukhanov’s lawyer should put down his shovel

February 23, 2018

To avoid a lengthy and link-heavy entry relating to the (possible) unraveling of nefarious deeds, conspiracies and now prima facie lies around Odessa Mayor, Gennady Turkhanov a reader is encouraged to employ this link, and then the many links therein to glean a broad brushstroke picture of unfolding events and their causes.  Alternatively, simply put “Trukhanov” into the search facility of the blog, to be found top right of the Home Page.

Suffice to say all personal, personnel and corporate details, notwithstanding the intricacies of the criminal acts, within the relevant posts from October 2016 to date appear vindicated by the latest NABU public declaration.

Unfortunately, whether Mayor Turkhanov (and his numerous co-accused) considers this to besmirch his character or not, the latest actions in an effort to whitewash such perceived stains upon his character have backfired somewhat.

Alexandr Lysak, the lawyer acting for Mayor Turkhanov, at a court hearing on 22nd February, made a statement to the effect that “taking into account the possible consequences for the city of Odessa, the commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko, as well as the commanders of the 79th Separate Assault Brigade and the 8th Special Forces Regiment of the Special Forces operations appeal not to dismiss the Mayor.

Similar appeals were sent to the court by dozens of public organizations, among them “Odessa JazzFest”, “Road to Home”, Union of Afghan Veterans, Union of ATU veterans of the 18th Battalion, organization of ATO “Pobratimy”, Veterans of the Storm Battalion, Association LGBT Liga, Association of Parents of Children with Chromosomal Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities Sun Children, Democratic Youth of Ukraine, Peresypchanka, Panteleimon Healer, Association of Odessa Builders, and others.”

A much loved Mayor, fully recognised for his care for the city it seems – and indeed there would perhaps be support from the Union of Afghan Veterans, for Mayor Trukhanov used to head it.  Likewise some ATO Vets are employed by City Hall as part of the Trukhanov created “Municipal Guard” (Odessa City Hall’s own Praetorian Guard) – while other ATO Vets are vocally and visibly anti-Trukhanov.

There are naturally many reliant upon keeping solid relations with City Hall too, and yet others who may feel indebted to Mayor Trukhanov for having done the right thing to do on their behalf – as the LGBT Association makes clear in their letter of support.

The point of the lawyerly exercise being to put a veneer of both respectability and a seemingly irreplaceability upon the person of Mayor Trukhanov (despite his long known history of organised criminality).  Ergo it would be important not to fluff this character whitewashing by tainting it with falsehoods unnecessarily.  There are times to stop digging the hole you are in, and this would be a good time to do so from the perspective of Mayor Trukhanov and those around him.

However, the statement of Mr Lysak, the Mayor’s lawyer, was swiftly rebuffed by several of the organisations named.

Firstly the active military units, the 79th Brigade, the Command of the Naval Forces, and the paratroopers jointly denied the laywer’s claims regarding their support for Mayor Trukhanov.  “We were approached from the mayoralty with a request to give a document stating how the city has helped the fleet. We have indicated these points. Of the court itself, we did not ask for anything.”  

Quite rightly too.  A serving military, as an institution, has no place in publicly backing a local politician, ergo a diplomatic distancing from the words of Mr Lysak on behalf of the Mayor was indeed appropriate – and necessary.

That said, Brigade Commander Colonel Valery Kurach of the 79th did support the Mayor in a letter to the court – ergo it is a matter of interpretation as to whether it be a letter of personal support, or that officially of the 79th Brigade.  Perhaps the Ministry of Defence will make that distinction clear in the public realm at some point?

Somewhat less diplomatic was the abrupt and forthright denial of such support by Sergei Kostin of the well known “Road to Home” organisation – “Odessa Charitable Foundation “Road to Home” for 20 years is the leader in social services in Odessa; helping children and adults who are in difficult life circumstances. The “Road to Home” Foundation has always been out of politics, and this position has been voiced many times. For some reason, the “Road to the Home” Foundation was included in the list of organizations that signed the document expressing support for the current city head of Odessa. We want to refute this information – the Road to Home Foundation did not sign this document, if it exists at all. This is the official position of our organization. We provide support and help those who need it, but do not play political games.”

How such a simple lie by the Mayor’s lawyer can immediately undermine support that may otherwise be there is self-evident.

The case to remove the Mayor from his office during the on-going due process that surrounds him, returns to the courtroom on 27th February – where hopefully the Mayor’s lawyer will not fluff his lines again from a client’s perspective.

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