Odessa Mayor Trukhanov detained in Kyiv by NABU

February 14, 2018

Only a few days ago an entry appeared relating to preparations for the return of Odessa Mayor Turkhanov from an extended holiday/leave of absence since 26th December 2017.

This until his detention in Kyiv returning on a flight to Kyiv from Warsaw on 14th February 2018 – albeit still absent from his place of work in Odessa.

The aforementioned link contains several other links – all worthy of a read for a reasonable understanding of the criminal scams and schemes – notwithstanding personalities – within and without City Hall.

Absent only from those links above and within the above is the fact that an Odessa Oblast Deputy is also under NABU investigation for trying to bribe a NABU employee with $500,000 to release frozen accounts holding the purported proceeds of crime.  Clearly some involved simply do not know when to stop digging the hole they are in.

The 13th February witnessed NABU employees deliver notices of criminal suspicion to several City Hall employees surrounding the Mayor and allegedly involved in the most brazen of scams.  Aside from the place of work and residence of Mayor Trukhanov, official suspicion notices were delivered to the place of work and home addresses of Messrs Volgueman, Spektor and Shkrybai (and one other unknown).

Unsurprisingly all the named individuals are currently outside Ukraine and have been for about as long as the now detained Mayor.

It is not clear whether suspicions were served on anybody from the private company involved in the scam – albeit that company and the orbit individual within which that company falls are named in the aforementioned links.

As the first link makes clear, it remains to be seen just how easily any evidence will stick to Mayor Trukhanov.

The most direct evidence relates to a nefarious scam surrounding Odessa Airport, documents of which carry the signature of Mayor Trukhanov – a schoolboy error.  The “headline investigation” into the most blatant of criminal conspiracies and fraud surrounding the sale and repurchase of a “new City Hall” building will require much more investigative finesse to directly and unambiguously tie Mayor Trukhanov to those (and other road tender, back door privatisation of City buildings outside the required Prozorro procurement process etc., etc) criminal events.

As stated do click upon all the links within the first link for a better understanding – not that the entire scope of all City Hall nefariousness relating to criminal scams and schemes are covered.  A reader is advised to employ the search engine of the blog in pursuit of that cause.

No doubt any prosecution and judicial process will take a long time – unless The Bankova want to expedite matters.  With elections for the Odessa Mayor due in 2019 (no differently to those of president and Verkhovna Rada) it is a political judgment call.

However be Mayor Trukhanov “encouraged to resign” or “allowed to fight on” while without court conviction (see the never ending criminal court case against Mayor Gennady Kernes in Kharkiv), The Bankova will have to identify a suitable candidate to (tacitly yet probably less than subtely) back as a replacement when elections arrive.

Odessa is a city that The Bankova will unquestionably want direct control over via indirect methods behind the curtain – whether that control be offered voluntarily or gained via coercion.

Thus, there are two questions to answer (or perhaps three if a reader considers providing an opportunity for Mayor Trukhanov to conveniently escape and be tried in absentia (he is strongly rumoured to hold both Russian and Greek passports too) – or not).  The first question is what will stick by way of evidence?  The second question is whether Mayor Trukhanov will resign – or not.

Those pages of local (and nefarious) colour have yet to be written.

Perhaps an watchful eye upon the sale or retention of Odessa assets ($ hundreds of millions in asset worth) by criminal partners of the Mayor – Vladimir (Lampochka) Galanternik, Alexandr Zhukov et al – may provide a clue.  The quiet withdrawal of the London based organised criminality from Odessa may be a solid indication of Mayor Trukhanov’s future.

Interesting times!

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