From the Saakashvili to the mundane

February 12, 2018

The circus surrounding Misha Saakshvili is on to another act.

It appears that upon 12th February he was arrested in a Georgian restaurant in Kyiv and spirited away by uniformed personnel – whereabouts unknown at the time of writing.

It may be an arrest relating to the “Kurchenko conspiracy” or it may be an arrest relating to Georgian extradition requests, or having failed in his appeals within the Ukrainian court system, Mr Saakashvili may be being deported elsewhere – his last port of entry or to where he is otherwise lawfully entitled to be.

At the time of writing rumour (be it informed or otherwise) suggests it was the State Border Service that arrested Mr Saakashvili and thus, extradition or deportation would be far more likely than any “Kurchenko conspiracy” related activity within Ukraine.

Despite the Georgian extradition request, rumour has it (be it informed or otherwise) that Mr Saakashvili heads either for Poland – the nation from whence he illegally crossed into Ukraine some months ago, or to The Netherlands, a nation for which he has a Visa and where his wife has citizenship.

No doubt this act will soon have an end when Misha Saakashvili appears before a breathless press conference.  To be sure, it will probably not be the last act either.  The show must go on!

However, more mundane is the blog “Inbox” which regularly fills with events, information and propaganda that floats around Brussels from legitimate, questionable and simply fraudulent individuals and entities relating to matters Ukraine.

Some material battering against the European firewalls, and trash and spam folders is nothing more than blatant disinformation attempts clogging up the Inboxes of European politicians and NGO leaders.  Others are a little more sophisticated.  Yet others are very well produced.  All of course, entirely unsolicited.  That said, public figure, public figure’s Inbox.

Casting no aspersions upon the veracity of this fairly well produced document relating to alleged corruption within the Ukrainian defence sector and the Atek Factory in Kyiv, nor besmerching upon the integrity of the purported sender, former Ukrainian MP, Mr Roman Zvarych (who is not without questionable historical pecuniary claims), a reader is left to decide and/or investigate for themselves as to the legitimacy of the claims made.  (Regardless of whether the claims have any foundation, it is perhaps worth a reader’s time to read one of the better produced unsolicited “Inbox fillers” that clog up email addresses throughout Brussels (and no doubt beyond) relating to Ukraine.  Indeed it found its way to the blog Inbox as so much similar material does.

To be blunt just how many such Ukraine related emails are read by the addressees it is difficult to know.

How many addressees would have time to go through the 15 pages (in this case) – even relating to a sensitive subject such as alleged corruption within the Ukrainian defence industry.

For those who do read it, how many have the time to investigate the contents and the sender?

Anybody who has dealt with politicians know they rarely have time to read and inwardly digest what their own staffers deliver, let alone unsolicited emails.  Most staffer support comes via a few bullet points rapacious with accuracy and brevity (and no irrelevancies) – and a large file of supporting material, oft never read and destined only to gather dust, is dutifully created just in case there be interest and further reading required by “the Boss”.  (Woe to the staffer that does not have the accompanying detailed file prepared “just in case”).

The constant flow of such emails is of course anticipated and mundane, perhaps unlike the ad hoc spontaneous or “spontaneous” Saakashvili circus.  The question for the reader is whether the Saakashvili circus after so many laps around the ring is becoming equally mundane in the eyes of Brussels.

Another question is how many nation’s are hoping Misha does not appear at their airport?


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