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Odessa NABU Regional Chief finally appointed (after 20 months of trying)

January 5, 2018

Vladimir Deulin, a former police officer (internal affairs) and the Deputy Head of PR and NABU personnel applications for the Odessa region,, has been appointed regional NABU Chief for the Odessa region – Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Kirovograd.

His appointment, now authorised by NABU Chief Artem Sytnik, brings to an end a 20 month saga – and four previous and failed attempts to find a regional NABU Chief.

On the fifth attempt to fill the vacancy, Mr Deulin has been appointed.

The first attempt in April 2016 saw Deputy Head of Odessa Customs Semen Krivonos win the competition – only for him to refuse the position after criminal charges of extortion and bribery came to light.  He decided to remain in Customs.

In July 2016, the next competition for the Odessa NABU Chief vacancy competition collapsed as literally no applicants met the requirements.

In January 2017, Dmitry Rudenko from Vinnitsa won the competition – however Mr Rudenko was involved in a scandal surrounding the death of human rights defender Dmitry Groisman several years earlier.  The NABU executive decided not to appoint Mr Rudenko.

A fourth competition was held in the late Spring of 2017 – which again met with failure as all applicants were rejected due to either low professional acumen and/or severe doubts about the integrity of the applicants.

Finally, after 20 months and at the fifth attempt, an applicant from within NABU has managed to fill the NABU management void in the Ukrainian south-west.  A reader can only ponder why existing NABU personnel did not apply before.

It’s to be hoped he doesn’t resign or manage to get himself sacked – for it could be years until another suitable candidate would be found to replace him!

Nevertheless, wish Mr Deulin bon chance, (or bonne chance) for there is no shortage of work for NABU within the Odessa region.

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