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A busy December in the Verkhovna Rada?

November 28, 2017

As the year end approaches, the usual psychology, or perhaps simply foolish thoughts, that a new year somehow changes reality nevertheless slowly begins to creep in.

It is as much an individual affair as it is within the structures individuals toil.

There is inevitably a sense of things that “need to be done” before the new year commences – often for no discernible or sensible reason, lest there otherwise be statutory requirement.

Thus it will be for the Verkhovna Rada.  An institutional motivation to tackle many issues it has ignored all year before the festive season – a festive period that provides a cooling off period for society should anything particularly unpopular or dubious be rushed through at the last moment.

The “headline legislation” will be the second reading of the “temporarily occupied territories”.  It may well manage to avoid all mention of “Minsk” during any amendments – for thus far there is no Ukrainian statute that mentions Minsk (and it should remain that way).

It remains to be seen whether the budget will be passed in a timely way, or whether the usual Verkhovna Rada Christmas pantomime during the final few days before parliamentarians go on holiday will once again be performed (oft with all kinds of dubious last minute amendments therefore devoid of public scrutiny).

There are personnel issues to address – some of which have not only been ignored throughout 2017, but in the case of the CEC, that have been ignored for several years.

It may be that the CEC members will finally be appointed and all will hold a valid mandate (which is far from currently being the case).

Perhaps a new Head of the NBU will finally be appointed.

Maybe an Ombudsman too.

The vacancy as Head of the Accounts Chamber might also find a successful candidate.

To begin a new year with some serious, currently vacant roles finally filled.

It seems likely that the embattled Ministers of Health, Finance and Infrastructure will fight on in their positions into 2018 – how long they survive into 2018 is an entirely different question.

There are but two more plenary weeks in 2017.  5th – 8th and 19th – 22nd December.

What, if anything, will be achieved before year end?

Maybe a surprise or two?  Perhaps the President will introduce the draft Anti-Corruption Court Bill (probably without sufficient time to vote for it)?

Will the parliament see out the year with a legislative bang – or a whimper?

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