WEF Organised Crime Index – Ukraine 113th

November 26, 2017

Ukraine, according to the most recent World Economic Forum Index, ranks at 113th with a score of 3.9 with regard to its Organsied Crime Index.

Of it’s immediate neighbours, Bulgaria is the only nation ranking worse at 119th with a score of 3.7.  Of the continental European nations only Bulgaria and Italy rank worse –  Italy ranked at 123rd with a score of 3.5.

This Index is based upon the results of 2016, and thus does not necessarily provide an accurate picture of how things are in 2017.

The WEF breakdown specific to Ukraine can be found here.

As with all indexes and league tables, it is possible to go up, or indeed down, while a nation in effect doesn’t actually change anything itself at all.  It simply requires other nations to get progressively better, or worse, to affect a ranking.  Thus what can appear to be improvement actually isn’t etc.

The WEF Index qualifies organised crime for its purposes, as “mafia orientated racketeering, extortion, costs imposed upon business“.  With such limited parameters it therefore offers an incomplete guide to organised crime and its effects in, and/or through Ukraine for 2016.

There is much more to organised crime than racketeering and extortion costs imposed upon businesses.

There are obviously other costs to society and State due to organised criminality,

Like some other nations, Ukraine is a source, a transit hub, and a destination for organised criminality – to some degree an unfortunate result of geography.  MENA is immediately to the south, Russia is immediately to the east, and the EU is immediately to the west.

Thus ever shall Ukraine be attractive to organised criminality simply for geographical reasons.   Lo, despite organised crime more often than not taking the path of least law and order resistance first and foremost, even if Ukraine were to become a bastion of law and order (which it is far from being today), it would still retain a certain attractiveness for organised crime.

Ergo, due to the parameters of the WEF Index, at very best, it can only hope to offer a reasonably accurate picture within the methodology employed, the remit set, and during the reporting period.

An accurate reflection on organised criminality in its entirety, in relation to Ukraine, it is not.

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