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A Cabinet reshuffle looms large

September 28, 2017

In February an entry appeared relating to a clearly apparent necessity to reshuffle the Groisman Cabinet.

Since then it is clear that early elections will not occur (unless President Poroshenko sees (personal) political benefit in doing so – which at the time of writing appears very unlikely).

Prime Minister Groisman is therefore assured of surviving until the next scheduled elections, unless his increasing political weight and “independent streak” demands a robust political response from The Bankova – in which case perhaps a Prime Minister Volodymyr Omelyan (or similar) would be anointed to hold the line until those scheduled elections take place.

Whatever the case, scheduled elections do not occur for either President or Verkhovna Rada until 2019 (despite presidential electioneering clearly already being underway) and the current Cabinet has a number of “Acting Ministers” (some “acting” for a considerable time).

There are also those that either the Prime Minister, or the parties of the (slim) majority coalition seek to change.

The ministries of Health, Information, and Agriculture all have “Acting Ministers”.  Also the Finance and Energy & Coal Ministers are certainly two individuals with a large number of detractors.

There may be yet others that have quietly let it be known they would be happy to leave their posts.

Further the National Bank of Ukraine is also without a Head, and has been for months.

There is also the current composition of the CEC of whom all but two members have seen their mandates long since expire.

A continued absence of a Head for the Accounting Chamber too cannot be overlooked.

It would certainly make political sense to deal with any reshuffle and appointments now, to allow all time to assume their roles and have a chance of setting and/or implementing policy, the results of which would become clear before the scheduled elections.

For the first time in a long time, the name Igor Kononenko appears in an entry – for the “presidential leg-breaker” within the Verkhovna Rada (relatively absent from significant public statements since his mercury poisoning in  January)  has mooted a day should be set aside to deal with such issues and appoint all key personnel in early October – next week or the week after by definition.

Thinking caps on therefore, when it comes to placing probable/possible names against current (and perhaps currently filled) positions.

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