Oppo Block Odessa finally splits

June 30, 2017

Several times during 2017 the blog has predicted the splitting/destruction of the Oppo Block (remnants of/inheritors to the Party Regions) in Odessa.

The most recent mention of internal discord was made only two weeks ago, placing the blame squarely upon the incredibly poor and self-serving regional leadership of Mykola Skoryk – a man who’s ego and ambition is far greater than his ability, but who tops the local Oppo Block pile due to his time-served association with and absolute subservience to Sergei Liovochkin (and Dmitry Firtash).

As the relevant last entry to Mr Skoryk’s ability briefly alluded – “Nothing relating to the Oppo Block happens in Odessa without his knowledge – and by extension the many cases intrigues, machinations and filthy political subversion and/or (attempted) sabotage are his creation and/or occur with his explicit approval.

Worse still from an Oppo Block perspective, it continues to under perform under his management, losing seats and leadership positions that many, even today, would expect it to hold throughout the regional district councils.

Not only is he particularly useless as an MP and regional party leader, he is also beyond odious as a personality.”

The Odessa Oppo Block has 23 deputies in the Oblast Rada and 12 deputies in Odessa City Hall, and numerous local district, town and village councilors all under the direct control of Mr Skoryk.

At least it had 12 deputies in Odessa City Hall until yesterday when, due to growing internal discontent with Mykola Skoryk’s poor leadership, Mr Skoryk embarked on a “night of the long knives” among the City Hall deputies rather than accept his own shortcomings.

Mr Skoryk, due to his own ineptitude was forced to embark on his own regional Operation HUMMINGBIRD – to the point that the Oppo Block faction in Odessa City Hall will no longer even exist.

A “Political Council” of the regional Oppo Block which Mr Skoryk heads was called, and of the 12 deputies in Odessa City Hall, 8 of those were expelled from Oppo Block for “for violating party discipline and bringing discredit upon the party“.  In short, for calling out the serious failure of Mykola Skoryk’s regional leadership of the party and not simply accepting his incompetence.  “The Political Council concluded that the number of deputies in the Odessa City Council had lost contact with the party.  Its advice and guidance to party deputies, as a rule, were not fulfilled.  Taking into account this fact, it was decided to expel from the party a group of deputies of the Odessa City Council.”

However, having expelled 8 from 12 City Hall deputies, that is not the end of the damage caused by Mr Skoryk to the regional Oppo Block party.  The law requires a minimum of 5 deputies to form a faction within City Hall.  Only 4, Messrs Orlov, Gorin, Gigani and Ermitsa remain loyal and entirely subservient to Mr Skoryk.

Therefore the Oppo Block also ceases entirely as a political faction within Odessa City Hall – unless another deputy can be found, coerced, begged or borrowed from somewhere before the necessary bureaucracy and announcements are completed.

The expelled deputies will probably coalesce around Oksana Goncharuk which may well cause electoral losses for Oppo Block at the next local elections.

Of those 8 City Hall deputies expelled from the Oppo Block, their belief that Mr Skoryk’s woeful leadership would bring about the collapse of the Oppo Block as a regional political force appears to be manifesting.  It is a belief widely held by many of the 23 Oblast Oppo Block deputies and among those within district and village councils too.

It is perhaps beyond a stretch of the imagination to consider Sergei Liovochkin removing Mykola Skoryk as the regional head of the Oppo Block.  Mr Skoryk has been a creature of Mr Liovochkin for a very, very long time.  Therefore the further disintegration of the Oppo Block between now and the next elections will be something a reader may look forward to with some satisfaction.

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