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Alleged Putin assassin arrested in Odessa, shot in Kyiv by a French Journo?

June 1, 2017

Few will remember Adam Osmaev, a man arrested in Odessa in 2012 for allegedly planning an assassination attempt on President Putin and associated terrorist activity in Odessa that involved an explosion on 4th January 2012 which killed a Russian and seriously injured a Kazakh citizen – both allegedly co-conspirators.

He was thereafter held in Odessa pending extradition to Russia or Ukrainian conviction – something that failed to materialise in either case.

Indeed following the 2014 events in Kyiv, the illegal annexation of Crimea and the war surrounding the occupied Donbas, a court in Odessa dismissed the terrorism accusations against Mr Osmaev on 31st October, he pleaded to mishandling explosives, and was subsequently released a “free man” on 18th November 2014 his sentence equating to time already served.

By 27th November Mr Osmaev was in The Donbas fighting to regain Ukrainian occupied territory, and by 2nd February 2015 had risen in the hierarchy of the Dudeav Battalion.

Eventually internal differences within that battalion left Mr Osmaev leading the Sheikh Mansour Battalion, and also Kyiv-2.

Ultimately as Ukrainian command and control finally began to get a grip and assimilate volunteer battalions into the military or National Guard, Mr Osmaev dropped off of the media radar.

On 1st June 2017 he appears to have resurfaced in Kyiv under equally bizarre circumstances as those that brought him to attention in Odessa in 2012 – at least prima facie.  

It appears that Mr Osmaev, accompanied by his wife, and comrade in arms, Amina Okuevu, arranged to meet a French reporter known to them as Alex Verner (or Alexander Dakar) – of Le Monde (or at least claiming so to be).

Apparently this was not their first meeting.

The outcome of this meeting appears to be that the supposed French journalist shot Mr Osmaev.  Mrs Osmaev then shot the supposed French journalist Alex Verner/Dakar.

Both men are currently in hospital in Kyiv.

Regardless of the initial bizarre circumstances prima facie – the circumstances when clarified are likely to be far less bizarre.

Naturally initial speculation will almost instantly point to Russia (where you may be forgiven many nefarious things, but never for what is perceived treasonous).  Whether it be the SVR/GRU/FSB secret services (take your pick) or a diktat from within certain region within the Russian Federation, that is where initial accusations (perhaps rightly) will be directed.

Time will tell.  Confirmation of the identity of the supposed French journalist  has yet to be made (publicly anyway) at the time of writing.  Is he indeed French or even a journalist?

Intrigue abounds!

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