NABU Auditors – Again

May 26, 2017

Several entries in February, March and April have appeared regarding shenanigans surrounding the on-going (and overdue) appointments of the external Auditors for the anti-corruption body NABU.

All 3 entries relate to the appointment of the Verkhovna Rada candidate, and not that of President or Cabinet.

Needless to say a feckless Verkhovna Rada has still to nominate a candidate behind which a minimum 226 votes will gather.  Presidential nominee is also in-waiting.

However, the Cabinet of Ministers on 26th May unanimously backed one of twelve nominees as its NABU auditor.  The Cabinet of Ministers NABU Auditor will be Mikhail Boromensky.

Professor Boromensky is a member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine and a lawyer – not to mention somewhat known in the public realm too.  Perhaps somewhat reassuringly, as unanimous votes often raise a cynical eyebrow, is that his nomination was supported by GRECO Ukraine, the OSCE, and the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights NGO – three trusted organisations within the nation – three fairly well trusted organisations within the nation, perhaps more so than the candidate and certainly more o than the Cabinet of Ministers..

It now falls to the Presidential Administration and the Verkhovna Rada to nominate, prima facie, equally morally upright candidates so that the overdue statutorily required NABU audit can at the very least begin this year – if the woolly statute can be clarified sufficiently enough to decide what falls within and without the scope of the audit.

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