Oppo Block banned from local governance in Chernivtsi

May 25, 2017

Oppo Block aka Opposition Block, the political party that is effectively the remnants of the Party of Regions (at least for those who did not find alternative political homes) upon whose party colours and parliamentary support former President Yanukovych pillaged the nation, has been banned by the Chernivtsi City Council.

That is not to say it has been banned from political activity in Chernivtsi, but on 25th May the city council debated, amended, and ultimately passed a motion to lustrate Chernivtsi City Hall of all former Party of Regions and Communist Party politicians.

The trigger for the move was the appointment of former Party Regions member Yaroslav Kurshniryk as Director of the Department of Housing by former Communist Party member Mayor Alexie Kaspruk – of whom it is alleged both are so crooked that they could not lay straight in bed.

Further the ban apparently extends to those who were assistants to former Communist and Party of Regions politicians.

Naturally there will be legal appeals, and legitimate issues of democracy no doubt raised – for all were elected to the Chernivtsi City Council – despite any horsetrading and/or dubious appointments to strategic positions once elected  (not withstanding the Mayor who was directly elected into that specific  office) which are clearly the bone of contention that brought about these events.

Regardless of whether, or rather when, this local lustration initiative is overturned, it will be interesting to see whether other city council’s follow suit in order to make and/or score political points (regardless of the legalities or friction with the democratic normative that will ultimately overcome such decisions).

Nevertheless, it will be an event that will undoubtedly bring a wry smile to many across the nation while it lasts.

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