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Falling Angels and blood in the water – Ramifications for Odessa City Hall

April 27, 2017

A few weeks ago an entry appeared relating to Mayor Turkhanov that concluded “………. a somewhat unwelcome setback to a recent and on-going local media blitzkrieg that has been nothing short of a “Trukhangelical” campaign to whitewash his (criminal) history and project an image of papal infallibility when it comes to running City Hall.”

A reader should be clear that an Evangelical/Trukhangelical attempt to project Mayor Gennady Trukhanov as having nothing short of the mayoral equivalent to papal infallibility when it comes to running the city is  well under way.

The question naturally is why, and why now?  There are no serious local political challengers to Mayor Trukhanov, nor imminent elections.

The answer lies perhaps in his dark history, criminal associations and the current, in some cases most blatant continuance and/or oversight of large scale nefariousness.  (He is long since past petty criminality.)  Mayor Trukhanov’s nefarious links to Alexander (Angel) Angert, Alexander Zhukov,  Vladimir (Lampushka) Galanternik and others are well documented within the blog over the years – as are the current puppets within City Hall when it comes to who is owned by who.

Part of that criminal empire seems to be crumbling a little however – something that first began to come to light during the Autumn and Winter of 2016 – as this entry regarding a confrontation between Mr Angert and President Poroshenko’s leg-breaker Igor Kononenko alludes to.

Mr Kononenko appears to have come out on top – something which certain circles in Odessa claim is due to Mr Angert now being unwell (a rumour of about a year that gains momentum) and seemingly would rather avoid than to enter into criminal/business wars.

Indeed it is said that Mr Angert will “retire” now that rumours of serious health issues have focused his mind elsewhere.

Further it is for this reason that it is stated that “Angel” did not help finance Vadim Rabinovych when he created “Zhittya” in the summer of 2016 – something he was expected to do.

Of the sprawling and diverse assets and interests of Mr Angert (and assorted partners therein), it remains to be seen what will happen to them in the fullness of time.  (Those assets range from Odessagaz to construction, to property and much, much more.)

It does however have an effect upon Mayor Trukhanov.  An “Angel” falling, or indeed lost for Mayor Trukhanov would be a significant blow in both terms of power perception and perceived nefarious enforcement ability.  The heirs and takeovers of strategic assets could also undermine the Mayor via their levers on the city.  His relationship with Mr Angert is a significant intangible asset which when lessened or lost will leave a trace of Trukhanov blood in the water – and the sharks both local and national will undoubtedly attempt to nibble at the body.

That will have consequences.  It will change dynamics of the political understanding made between Mayor Trukhanov and The Bankova.

It may also be part of the reasoning behind such blatant fraud recently at City Hall, and the eventual NABU raid relating to it.  More NABU action may follow as reformist Verkhovna Rada MPs have begun to appear at Odessa City Hall as recently as 26th April, decrying such blatant frauds and threatening requests to NABU to investigate yet more nefarious schemes and tenders.  (Naturally there are no complaints from the Verkhovna Rada MPS of Odessa.)

Those local sharks such as Boris Muzalov may make a play for commercial retail assets (such as Privoz), or Adnan Kivan in construction.  (The later has a poor relationship with Mayor Trukhanov but has secured a decent one within the Presidential Administration over the past 12 months.)  There are then those such as Messrs Kaufman and Granovsky who will gladly gorge upon the body of a weakened Mayor and outgoing/retiring mafia Don.

With a media unfriendly and entirely civil society distant Oblast Governor in Maxim Stepanov (regarded a Kolomoisky man by many) any understandings are transactional for Mayor Trukhanov.

There is of course the enmity between Mayor Trukhanov and Misha Saakashvili to consider in the media sphere.

Perhaps investigations surrounding the Panama Papers, Russian passports and off shore companies will also be revisited, and the Verkhovna Rada petition to remove Mayor Trukhanov suddenly witness the current 60 (or so) signatories gather momentum if a suitable political replacement can be identified – albeit at the time of writing it seems there is no local alternative.

If Mr Angert completely withdraws, or his illness gets the better of him, what of the numerous City Hall and Oblast Deputies over which he has control?  Will they remain loyal the Mayor Trukhanov, will they scatter to other curators, or will they swing en masse to a specific curator – if so, which one?

The loss of an Angel may very well have some serious repercussions for Gennady Trukhanov – as Mayor and as criminal – which no amount of current Trukhangelical/papal infallibility propaganda will be able to mitigate.

If crudely dividing organised criminality into the street and ports mafia, the current void in/undisputed criminal leadership on the streets may soon be joined by that of the ports.  Interesting times.

In the meantime a reader may like to keep a watchful eye upon the sharks to ascertain the true extent of Trukhanov blood in the waters of Odessa.

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