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Back to NABU Auditor candidates

April 18, 2017

During February and March entries appeared about the intrigues, procedural violations and parliamentary vote hijacking surrounding the nomination of the external auditor of NABU.

It is a position that carries some clout – for the outcome can be used per Ukrainian legislation to oust the head of NABU if the audit is deemed to provide a report below expectations.

Needless to say the shenanigans and intrigues outlined in the above entries caused more than a collective “tutting” among the external supporters of Ukraine and undoubtedly Artem Sytnyk the NABU Chief will have been feeling the heat (and anticipating a “stitch up” to remove him).  Undoubtedly barbed diplomacy took place behind closed doors.

So where are we now?

Despite the nonsense surrounding Mr Brown and his unexpected candidacy to run against former Deputy Inspector General of the US Department of Justic Robert Storch, he is seemingly no longer in the running after failing to have been forced over the finish line.

The relevant Verkhovna Rada committee gleefully opened another unsullied competition which closes on 3rd May, thus seeking to begin a new process after the parliamentary games that stomped all over the initial efforts of the committee.

There are to be at least another two candidates placed before the Verkhovna Rada.  Spanish Prosecutor Carlos Castresana and US Attorney Martha Boersch will participate.

Time will tell whether more quality candidates come forward and successfully get through the Verkhovna Rada Committee’s due diligence/vetting before 3rd May, yet regardless it seems unlikely that there will be another attempted hijacking of the process and parliamentary vote by elements within the (slim) majority coalition.

This time around it seems to be rather more encouraging as far as following process is concerned.

Whether the Verkhovna Rada can generate 226 votes (or more) for any candidate may be a different matter entirely.

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