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Savchenko prepares her political (re)launch

April 16, 2017

Nadya Savchenko appears to be close to completing the formalities surrounding her own political project – and why not, for nobody expected her to remain within the Batkivshchyna Party when her personality would so clearly clash with that of Yulia Tymoshenko.

That being so questions of finance, promotion and all those other requirements of a political party will have to be properly addressed if political oblivion is to be avoided at the next elections – whenever that may prove to be.

Presumably therefore, odious oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk will be spending some money very soon, together with supplying those skilled in PR and spin that have historically worked with his toxic NGO Ukrainian Choice (now renamed Ukrainian Choice – The Right People)  to support the Savchenko party (and Medvedchuk project).

How much Mr Medvedchuk will spend, and how much expertise he will provide, perhaps depends upon his other political options behind the curtain.

Currently those options would appear to be limited to whatever the equally odious Nestor Shufrich decides to do (stay within the Oppo Block or go it alone) and what, if any offered involvement the Rabinovych-Muraev tandem will agree to within their fairly recently rebranded Zhyttia Party.

All else would appear to be otherwise limited to local politics rather than the national stage.

Ergo  Nadya Savchenko is therefore perhaps the best of the Medvedchuk options despite her rapid and continuing fall from political grace.

Clearly having little option other than the continued backing Nadya Savchenko will not be perceived by many as backing a winner – but with so few options perhaps Mr Medvedchuk’s definition of “winner” have been radically redefined in recent years.

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