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Radio Glas (Mayor Trukhanov) Odessa fined for ignoring Ukrainian language legislation

April 11, 2017

Almost a year ago an entry appeared regarding a forthcoming law requiring a certain percentage of broadcasting to be transmitted in Ukrainian, duly noting that other nations such as France had similar statutory requirements (even if those requirements didn’t necessarily sit well with French broadcasters).

Since that entry Ukraine has duly adopted similar legislation to both promote and defend the Ukrainian language – the raison d’etre no different to that of France.

Ukrainian statute requires radio broadcasters to broadcast 50% in Ukrainian.

So be it – and by and large Ukrainian radio broadcasters have managed to find enough Ukrainian music (sometimes of dubious quality) to match either their broad and/or narrow audiences musical expectations.

Nevertheless where many radio broadcasters have met the statutory 50% quota, other have failed – and some by a wide margin.

Among those that have been monitored and that have failed is Glas Radio.  The ultimate ownership of Glas Radio is the same as the ownership of Glas TV.

Regardless of what the official documents may say it is no secret in Odessa that Glas TV and Glas Radio is ultimately owned by Gennady Trukhanov, Mayor of Odessa.  (With regard to Glas Radio official ownership, it belongs to Valentine Zholin (56%) and Leonid Moldavsky (44%).  Director being Elena Evdokimova.)

Glas Radio, unlike many competing local radio stations, somehow managed to broadcast a mere 31% in the Ukrainian language despite its statutory obligations and has been duly fined as statute dictates.

Although the fine clearly represents no financial problem for Glas Radio/Mayor Trukhanov, his widely known ownership of Glas (despite official documents) is a somewhat unwelcome setback to a recent and on-going local media blitzkrieg that has been nothing short of a “Trukhangelical” campaign to whitewash his (criminal) history and project an image of papal infallibility when it comes to running City Hall.

As such this unnecessary and public statutory violation is something of a PR campaign setback.

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