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The public VAT refund register goes live – Ukraine

April 1, 2017

Despite the 1st April association to practical jokes, the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance launched (an initial 3 month Beta/test mode) public, on-line VAT register – and not before time considering the gargantuan scale of institutionalised corruption surrounding VAT within the Ukrainian State Fiscal Service.

Ever has VAT been the most significant and opaque trough of nefariousness generating enormous corrupt and blatantly criminal wealth for the SFS.  With effect from 3rd April public access will witness the system going (Beta) live.

A major step forward?  Perhaps not, albeit definitely a step forward.

It is one thing to partially illuminate the grubby, dark and dank bowels of a system designed to enable corruption on a massive scale within the SFS – but it is quite another thing to change the system to prevent corruption opportunities as far as it is practicable to do so.

The VAT register does not change the bureaucratic machinery sufficiently to prevent even the most obvious of corrupt SFS practices despite it partially illuminating the system these crimes occur within.

A step in the right direction it surely is – but to reach the journey’s end regarding an efficient and honest VAT system there is much, much further to travel.

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