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Ukraine begins broadcasting in the Tatar language

February 5, 2017

In February 2014, the first visual physical actions by The Kremlin to illegally cease control of Crimea from Ukraine commenced – not unexpectedly for those that follow this blog as it was foreseen (albeit not to the point of illegal annexation) in an entry in December 2013 – as was the Donbas to follow.

A full 3 years later, Ukraine has finally got around to broadcasting into the peninsula and further afield in the language of the Crimean Tatar.

Who knows, perhaps Ukraine will actually get around to the long promised a-political independent public broadcaster too.

For those with satellite receiving equipment, Tatar language programming is being transmitted via the AMOS 3 (Israeli), Azerspace 1 (Azeri), and Galaxy 19 (Luxembourg headquartered) communication satellites.

There are perhaps only two questions to ask – why did it take so long for Ukraine to do this and what will The Kremlin do to mitigate it?

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