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Tymoshenko to (officially) visit the US

January 27, 2017

It seems that Yulia Tymoshenko, together with several others of her Batkivshchyna brand will make an official visit to the US between 29th January and 4th February.

Presumably this official visit has been organised by Ms Tymoshenko rather than those within “The Beltway” or on “The Hill” – particularly as the agenda for the official visit concern “the way to achieve peace and the restoration of territorial integrity, stabilization of the political and economic situation in Ukraine as a part of the security strategy of the European continent and the global world.

Additionally to be discussed are “the steps for a real fight against corruption for the consolidation of democracy in Ukraine and the welfare of Ukrainians.”

Well so be it.

So who is she going to see?

Apparently “representatives of legislative and executive authorities of the country, as well as leading experts on politics, economy and security.”  Precisely who however, is not clear.

Despite the upheaval within DC no doubt there will be some friends of Ukraine that will make time for her from among the US legislature – though to be fair just how welcome she will be is another matter.  (It has been more than a decade since this blog heard particularly hopeful or overly supportive messaging from the US diplomatic personnel regarding Ms Tymoshenko – other than when she was incarcerated by Mr Yanukovych).)

Which leading experts and “experts” on politics, economics and security has she arranged to see?  They are two-a-penny inside The Beltway.  Thus the question is perhaps whether Ms Tymoshenko is seeking guidance perceived as greater in authority and/or wisdom than that which is freely available from US Embassy Kyiv – or is she seeking experts and/or “experts” that will fit her existing political platform and pre-electioneering?

Perhaps most interesting of all considering a good number of the executive posts within the new administration remain unfilled at Tier 1, and much more worryingly at Tier 2 (where the work gets done), is who she will meet from that executive branch of power who will have any influence over issues Ukrainian?

Does the Trump administration even have a Ukraine policy, and if so, who heads it up in the US, and are they likely to engage with Ms Tymoshenko before they engage with the current Ukrainian administration in person?

It may be more interesting to see who she meets on this official trip, than any revelations that will come from it.  Nevertheless with Ms Tymoshenko having spent more on US lobbying than the State of Ukraine did in 2014, 2015 and 2016,  that money must open a few doors no?

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