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Trails in absentia – Ukraine

January 21, 2017

With most of the world currently peering through the looking glass at events in Washington DC and the inverted views to be seen, something worthy of note occurred in Ukraine.

Former President Yanukovych will stand trail for treason – in absentia.

On 21st January, Judge Tarasyuk satisfied the motion of the Military Prosecutor put before her at Pechersk Court in Kyiv.

Unfortunately it is only for treason that Viktor Yanukovych will be tried in absentia, and not for his vastly enriching criminality whilst in office which may yet raise issues over currently frozen assets returning to Ukraine – or not.

Nevertheless, hopefully the diplomatic corps and journalists alike will pay close attention to the daily proceedings once they begin a few weeks hence.

It is important that this case and the due process is properly witnessed – for in absentia proceedings within a judicial system as notoriously poor as that of Ukraine are demanding of special attention and rigorous scrutiny if any de jure verdict is to have any de facto evidence based and procedural legitimacy in the perceptions of the on-looking domestic and international constituencies.

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