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Щасливого Нового Pоку – С Hовым Годом – Happy New Year 2017

December 31, 2016

A few wishes and words of thanks as 2016 draws to an end.

Firstly to all the readers, a humble thank you for spending a few moments to read the prose and ramblings as you do in such numbers.  Your interest in Ukraine and Odessa is very welcome, even if what you read here is not always particularly interesting.

Secondly, for all the Ukrainian friends and acquaintances of the blog, with 2017 likely to be the hardest and most difficult year Ukraine has thus far experienced both domestically and abroad, sincere wishes of of courage, fortitude, determination and of clear-eyed vision to each and every one of you.


Happy New Year, Щасливого Нового Pоку, С Hовым Годом!

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