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“Will of the People” set to finally implode – Ukraine

December 8, 2016

Just over one month ago an entry appeared regarding the imminent implosion of “Will of the People” – the smallest political faction within the Verkhovna Rada.

Over this past week, two members of the faction have announced their departure – MPs Victor Razvadovskyy and Sergei Melnychuk on 6th and 8th December respectively.

Ergo, once again Articles 59 and 60 of The Rules of The Verkhovna Rada came into force upon 6th December.  Those Articles dictate that any and all factions within the current Verkhovna Rada must compose of a minimum number of the smallest faction created during the first parliamentary session.

The smallest faction was Will of the People, who have managed to plug (with some behind the curtain assistance) previous singular departures within the 15 days that are provided for to achieve this.

To manage to find another two parliamentarians who will join Will of the People within by 21st December may prove to be a little more difficult.  Perhaps a bridge too far in fact.


Lo, it may be that on 13th December that the moral and ethic-less “votes for rent” faction of the Will of the People will cease to exist.  If so, can these newly released parliamentarians be permitted to bounce around the Verkhovna Rada chamber chaotically before each embeds with a different faction and/or group?

Where will they each individually embed, and how will that effect the existing status quo within the Verkhovna Rada upon which The Bankova is keen to maintain?

How many can be drawn into the (slim) majority coalition thus directly increasing its number, or into pro-presidential technical parties such as Nash Krai – and how many will enter the numbers of opposition and/or populist parties – and at what cost?

Something to watch during the next fortnight as the Grey Cardinals and “vested interests” behind the curtain attempt to move the parliamentary pieces to their advantage and/or avoid a Trojan horse simply too toxic to accept.

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