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An MoD land audit – Ukraine

November 19, 2016

Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak has ordered an audit of the MoD accounts and land, requiring that within 2 months the results are to be available in both electronic and paper form – though it is not entirely clear whether such information will be available to the public.

Undoubtedly there will be a few surprises that await.  Only recently MoD land in Odessa on the coast mysteriously began to witness “landscaping”.  It seems somewhat unlikely that the Odessa Garrison requires manicured lawns or large sunny terraces creating upon the coastal land belonging to the MoD.  Ergo, as coastal land is naturally at a premium for development, a reader may ponder whether that land has been quietly and nefariously sold off or otherwise criminally leased.

Indeed the Odessa Garrison has recently completed a land and accounts audit – with “discrepancies” being discovered an dutifully reported by Head of legal and methodological support and ownership of the monitoring and use of the property and land defense minister, Ivan Bazarko.

The result of which being the Defence Minister requires that the violations discovered be investigated by those in  law enforcement.

It may therefore be that the earthworks recently started on the MoD coastal land in Odessa will come to a halt – leaving those in Odessa to battle the shortsighted and dubious/nefarious tendencies of Mayor Trukhanov when it comes to destroying the coastal slopes and erecting all manner of architectural peculiarities and eyesores thereon.

(Quite where the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Culture are, and why they are systemically failing in their roles to manage the urges of City Hall is a valid question.)


Nevertheless it is something of a positive step by the Defence Minister.  Although many may state that it is a step somewhat late in coming, he has had other priorities within the MoD and MIC since taking office.  There is after all, the matter of a small war still raging in eastern Ukraine (and all the issues that come with it), and a large increasingly militarised illegally occupied Crimea to consider.

A reader may ponder whether other ministries have already carried out similar audits.  Indeed have the regional oblasts and metropolitan authorities carried out similar recent land audits – and if so just how accessible are the results?  If not, then why not?  When will they be done, and will the results be easily accessible?

Questions then follow – How best can State/ministry held land be employed to the benefit of the Ukrainian constituency?  With a little creative thinking and imagination are there any potential mutually beneficial PPP options?  Or R&D?  Or educational/vocational opportunities?  Or societal?

Equally as interesting would be the (long) list of violations discovered.  Are they systemic?  Do they involve the same individuals and/or entities anywhere within many of the processes or incidents?  What has been done that cannot be undone, and what can be undone?  Why were these incidents not discovered before?  How can they be prevented from occurring again?

The first question is will the Defence Minister get his requirements met within 2 months, and if not what will he do?  What is the “or else”?

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