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A belated thanks to CPRDiP

October 15, 2016

Of the varying formats when it comes to gathering scholars, practitioners, policy shapers and agents of influence, they can generally be split into two types.

Although it is tempting to state simply large and small, as an invitee they are perhaps better divided into intimate, press-free and useful, or on such a scale and which are so deliberately media focused as to be fairly pointless from a personal perspective – unless there are moments for enlightenment “on the fringes” distant from the masses.

Media focused events are clearly necessary, but it has to be said that this blog much prefers the small and media-free environment.

As such there are two annual gatherings that stand out for the quality of attendees, the intimacy provided by the managed numbers present, and the absence of media (the latter allowing for blunt and sensitive discussion) .  Consistently two such gatherings stand out though the composition of attendees is quite different.  The first is the outstanding 2 day Black Sea Security Forum, and the second is the ever-erudite annual CRPDiP gathering in Gdansk.


The blog remains grateful to both for the perennial invitations and last weekend witnessed the CRPDiP gathering.  Thus now a moment can be found, a public acknowledgement of thanks should be forthcoming.

As such gatherings are only ever as enlightening and intellectually challenging as those that attend, thanks to Lukasz Adamski, Anton Barbashin, Fabian Burkhardt,  Geir Flikke, Evgeny Gontmakher, Jonas Gratz, Siriol Hugh-Jones, Olga Irisova, Michal Koran, Kadri Liik, Bobo Lo, John Lough, Pavel Luzin, Stefan Meister, Maria Mendras, Cornelius Ochmann, Nikolai Petrov, Peter Rutland, James Sherr, Ivana Smolenova, Hans-Joachim Spanger, Ulrich Speck, Andris Sruds, Sergey Utkin and Natalia Zubarevich for the exchange of views.

Special thanks to Ernest Wyciszkeiwicz and the CRPDiP team for the seamless hosting of the event – notwithstanding the efforts of the city of Gdansk.

Also to Adam Eberhardt (OSW) and Slawomir Debski (PISM) who extended invitations to poke around in the darkened corners of their respective organisations next time the blog is in Poland, those invitations are gratefully accepted.

Back to matters Ukrainian tomorrow.

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