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Ukraine to deregulate food pricing

October 1, 2016

In 1996 Government Decree 1548 regulated the price of foods across Ukraine, and theoretically has done ever since.

From baby foods to eggs, and from bread to sunflower oil (and much, much more in between) it sought to regulate food pricing.

With effect from 1st January 2017 Decree 1548 will cease to apply.  Market forces will quite literally take control in the markets, supermarkets and corner shops of Ukraine.

A radical upward shift in food prices awaits?

Probably not.


Although there may perhaps be a slight upward movement, to be quite blunt as with many laws, decrees and resolutions bestowed upon the Ukrainian nation by its feckless political class, Decree 1548 has long, long ago been circumvented by the biggest producers and retailers, and simply ignored by small outlets.

The net result of this Decree being canceled will not be a significant rise in food prices, but will be one less pointless bureaucratic nonsense on the official books that Ukrainian business has had to spend time, money and effort to circumvent (or simply ignore) almost since the day the Decree came into force.

By extension where there is less bureaucracy there is less corruption – or more perhaps accurately stated there is reduced opportunity for corruption.

That a widely ignored Decree from 1996 is still de jure 20 years after is was made despite 20 years of ineffective implementation and enforcement may make a reader ponder just how much unenforced, unimplemented, unnecessary post-Soviet flapdoodle and codswallop still clutters the legal framework of the nation that could and should simply be canceled or repealed.

Perhaps Ukraine should create a Government Ministry for Cancelling Retarded Administrative Policy – aka the Ministry of CRAP?  (As opposed to having a lot of crap Ministries.)

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