UkrOboronProm awaits Cabinet OK for MIC ammo plant

July 10, 2016

What seems a very long time ago, albeit only 18 months, an entry appeared regarding the Ukrainian MIC (military industrial complex) and the then dismal state of affairs.  A very blunt appraisal of UkrOboronProm, the State weapons manufacturer, filled the prose.

Matters in various spheres have indeed improved since that entry, although there is a very long way to go.

Within the above linked entry was mention of the (then) future requirement to construct new facilities once the immediate manufacture, repair, bodge it and make do issues of that somewhat more desperate time had been managed.  It was no secret that the only ammunition plant in the nation was in Luhansk and is currently within the territory without the control of the authorities in Kyiv.

A significant Ukrainian MIC loss when engaged in a hot war with The Kremlin perhaps – or perhaps not.  After all, like all Soviet inheritance, post-Soviet authorities allowed the ammunition plant in Luhansk to remain poorly maintained (if at all) in a retarded 20th century industrial state despite the calendar having moved ever onward well into the 21st century.

Ukraine therefore required – and still requires – a functioning, efficient, fit for purpose, domestic ammunition plant within its MIC.

Opportunity presents itself to build a domestic ammunition plant fit for the 21st century – perhaps with some foresight, to build an ammunition plant fit for purpose throughout a significant part of the 21st century.

Credit where credit is due, UkrOboronProm under the leadership of Roman Romonov is far from the shambles it was when Kremlin aggression physically manifested.  Admittedly needs must, and there was no choice but to dramatically improve – but improvement needs to be managed nevertheless.

UkrOboronProm wasted little time in submitting 10 (yes ten) variations on a theme when it came to the construction and tooling of a new ammunition plant to the government.

The Cabinet has yet to decide upon which of the 10 (yes ten) variations submitted by UkrOboronProm it will authorise.

bullet press

Presumably all 10 (yes ten) variations constitute more than simply being basic industrial sheds containing little more than industrial bullet presses ranging through the calibres from artillery to small arms.

Hopefully some thought, considering such a plant will immediately become a strategic target, is also given to location, construction methods, ease of plant security, and ability to defend it.  That notwithstanding the employment and social benefits (or consequences) such a MIC plant brings with it that may also influence location.

Clearly the continuing delay by the Cabinet (or to be fair, Cabinets past and present) to make a decision upon which variant will be built continues to retard the recovery and development of the Ukrainian MIC – all of which will ultimately need to be upgraded and see significant investment to cure it from is post-Soviet legacy of neglect.

Of all the major and prickly decisions the Cabinet of Ministers has taken, and will subsequently take, it seems improbable that which variant of 10 (yes ten) ammunition plant plans will be one of the most difficult – so make the decision!


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