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Misha’s political party launched? (A quiet pulling of the trigger)

June 28, 2016

Following along seamlessly, albeit coincidentally, from yesterday’s entry and the inevitable creation of a new political force replete with numerous well known reformers under the Democratic Alliance Party umbrella, which stated the following – “Prima facie it seems a very unlikely group for Governor Saakashvili (and his team) to lead in any political party machine going forward, for it is a group far more inclined to work by “committee” and horizontally.  Thus it would seem very likely that as/when/if Governor Saakashvili launches his election based political career upon the Ukrainian national stage within a national party (which will operate upon a vertical)  it will not be, indeed could not be, part of this group.” – a new party has now indeed been formed which includes the “Saakashvili” team.

Currently headed by former Deputy Prosecutors Davit Sakvarelidze and Vitaly Kaskiv, it contains the majority of the well known reformers that were not named within yesterday’s entry, and thus associated with what will coalesce into a invigorated Democratic Alliance political party on 29th June.

Misha Party

Among the “initiative group” behind the new party, aside from Messrs Sakvarelidze and Kaskiv, perhaps the best known personality is Viktor Chumak (who a reader may expect will become something of an unofficial spokesman for the as yet officially unnamed but nevertheless now existing political party).

Undoubtedly Governor Saakashvili will have had a significant role in the creation of this political party looking at those within the above photograph who now form it.  His fingerprints are all over it!  Clearly being a civil servant Misha Saakashvili cannot be publicly and directly associated with its creation or operation whilst still holding the role of Odessa Governor – that he will not only be associated with it, but also lead it (from behind the scenes rather than actually within the Verkhovna Rada)) if/once he has left that position is almost without doubt.

With  reformers Sergei Leshchenko, Mustafa Nayem, Svitlana Zalishchuk, Victoria Ptashnik, Deputy Economy Minister Maxim Nefodov, Deputy Minister of Ecology Svetlana Kolomiets, a former Deputy Minister of Education Oleg Derevyanko, the participants of the Civil Platform Valerii Pekar, Andrei Dligach and Taras Kozak, as well as Basil Gatsko and Maxim Cherkasenko all almost certain to employ the Democratic Alliance as their political party platform in the nearest future in what appears to be a centre-left leaning group, and now the reformist Messrs Sakvarelidze, Chumak and Kaskiv et al., certainly more centre-right leaning, having formed a new political party there appears to be a small outbreak of ideology led, values based, oligarch-free political parties containing well known reformers in Ukraine.

Blimey – Let preparation and planning relating to the probable early Verkhovna Rada elections for these two reformist parties commence!

A question that presents, beyond the obvious centre left – centre right divide and certain egos that are likely to clash, is whether the oligarchy controlled media will allow either new reformist party significant air time during any election campaign when both are likely to do very well across the social media electioneering compared to the “old parties/old political personalities”.

T’will be interesting to observe the party strategies of both reformist parties both individually and perhaps more importantly collectively against a common “Old Guard” political enemy.  To what degree will they compliment rather than confront each other to the benefit of those both would wish to remove from the political landscape?

How with the congregation within the broad church of reform divide between these new reformist orders?

Interesting times.

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