V4 plus 2? Coalitions of the willing

June 26, 2016

Following referendums and family weddings in the UK over the past few days that are responsible for the lack of entries, it is somewhat pleasing to note progress between Ukraine and the neigbouring States immediately upon its western borders.

For many, many years the blog has expressed the view that if Ukraine is to succeed as an independent State, and particularly so after the events of Spring 2014, there had to be a rapid, robust and genuine deepening of relationships with two key capitals – Warsaw and Bucharest.

V4 map

Lo, it has now come to pass, at (officially) Polish instigation, the Visegrad 4, plus Romania and Ukraine have created an Inter-parliamentary Assembly.  The official announcement of the newly born Inter-parliamentary Assembly is due to be made on 1st July at the Krynica Economic Forum when Poland assumes the Chair of the Visegard 4.

For Ukraine it is a new platform that simply cannot be wasted or ignored.

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