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Faked murders – the latest Police false flag MO?

May 17, 2016

Toward the end of April the police and SBU announced the investigation into the murder of an Azerbaijani businessman in Zaporizhia.

Nothing particularly unusual – except the Azeri businessman wasn’t murdered.

The murder was staged by the police and SBU in a false flag incident designed to facilitate the arrest of another Azeri businessman operating in Ukraine who had hired a contract killer to eliminate his business rival.

An interesting modus operandi – perhaps necessary, and certainly unusual.  Agent provocateur?  Clearly not.

Then 14th May saw a repeat performance – this time in Odessa and the reported death of human rights lawyer Aleksandr Pogorelov who was actively working on property cases in Zatoka, Odessa.

Following the reported murder, on 16th May the arrest of a group of individuals from Odessa occurred – individuals that specialised in kidnapping, extortion, blackmail and murder with the aim of assuming property ownership of the victims.


Aleksandr Pogorelov however, was no more murdered than the aforementioned Azeri businessman.

According to the Head of the National Police of Ukraine, Khatia Dekanoidze “As a result of well-planned special operation under the leadership of the Main Investigation of the National Police and the Department of the National Police of Ukraine’s internal security we managed to detain suspects, as well as the release of a hostage who had been kidnapped previously for the purpose of extortion.  We are now conducted about 30 searches, during which we have seized firearms and other weapons.

Clearly this false flag modus operandi has worked twice, and obviously a successful modus operandi will be employed again when circumstances dictate – until neither media nor the underworld no longer believe reports of murder necessarily being murder and all serious crimes reported in the media begin to become treated with skepticism to one degree or another by the population – at least for a few days until the official false flag declarations can be issued – if they are to be issued.

Perhaps it is time to start counting how often this modus operandi is used.  Twice within a month would seem to suggest it is not going to be long before it is used again.

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