Credit where credit is due – Policing Odessa 2nd – 9th May

May 10, 2016

A short entry to express a few words of both recognition and gratitude to those tasked with policing events in Odessa between 2nd – 9th May.

As numerous recent entries highlighted, the political recklessness of the local political class in the lead-up to these events was hardly conducive to a respectful and peaceful week.

There will be a minority of those of all persuasions with complaints, perhaps rightly regarding certain incidents, but in the circumstances the overriding aim of policing the numerous events will have been to interfere to the minimum extent possible with fundamental rights, whilst attempting to insure as far as is then practicable, the safety of the public and policing entities alike.  That was achieved.

Unfortunately, no matter how well recent events were policed, the reckless and feckless local political class is not about to change any time soon – either in quality or integrity.  Thus it follows that there will be similar policing requirements in a deliberately irritated atmosphere in future.


Undoubtedly there will be lessons to be learned despite the overall success.  An immediate multi-agency debriefing is the first logical step.   Hopefully there will be a period of management reflection thereafter followed by tactical tinkering where deemed appropriate.

Nevertheless, overall, the priority policing objectives were achieved – and it should be recognised for the success that it was.


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